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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mike McGuff's appearance on 950 KPRC with Garf and JR Cohen

Mike McGuff on 950 KPRC You can listen to me talk tech and more with Michael Garfield "The High Tech Texan" on 950 KPRC show via the links below.

Check out hour 3 for our interview with J.R. Cohen of CoffeeGroundz (@CoffeeGroundz) as we talk about how to use Twitter to help your business. In hour 2 I believe, there is a surprise appearance by Fox 26 KRIV off-beat traffic guy Ruben Dominguez and Steve Latham who is the CEO of Spur Interactive (@stevelatham).

- Hour 1
- Hour 2
- Hour 3

- VIDEO: The view of a radio talk show host from 950 KPRC Houston
- AUDIO: Mike McGuff on 950 KPRC
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