Tuesday, December 08, 2009

AUDIO: Mike McGuff on 950 KPRC

Michael Garfield and Laurence Simon at 950 KPRC HoustonI was back with Michael Garfield The High Tech Texan this past Saturday on 950 KPRC Houston and this time Laurence Simon/Crap Mariner joined in the fun!

We had a lot of guests on like former KTRK anchor Mark Garay, Marc Nathan soon to be a former Houston Technology Center employee and more. We even helped a caller pick a TV to "pimp out his pimp-plex." His words, not mine!

- Hour 1
- Hour 2
- Hour 3

- Links to my 950 KPRC appearance Saturday
- AUDIO: Mike McGuff's appearance on 950 KPRC


  1. It's odd how Garfield looks photoshopped into this picture. I'm beginning to have doubts that he exists outside of a room filled only with a green screen.

  2. The truth is...he is. Clear Channel protects their talk show hosts from germs and puts them in their own studio. Guests are in another. They gave me a publicity photo of him so I could photoshop him into the guest studio where Laurence and I were.


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