Thursday, July 02, 2009

Pat Gray leaving Houston's 700 KSEV for Glenn Beck

UPDATE 1/2010
I interviewed Pat Gray about the Glenn Beck Program. CLICK HERE TO READ IT

We all know that longtime local talker Pat Gray of 700 KSEV (formerly of TalkRadio 950 KPRC) is Glenn Beck's best friend. Beck seems to have Gray on his shows subbing for him or as a guest quite often. That loyalty is obvious as Pat Gray exits Houston radio for BFF Beck:

Well, it’s been an incredible ride here in Texas. If you missed the announcement on the show this morning, next Thursday, July 9th will be my last show at KSEV. Monday, July 13th, will be my first show as part of the Glenn Beck Program…carried locally on KTRH, 9-11am, as I know you’re aware.

I’m sure that I won’t have much airtime at first. We’ll be working me into the mix gradually…we all know Glenn’s show isn’t broken, and doesn’t need to be fixed. I’ll just provide some extra fun, different perspective, and help him cope with the madness we’re facing.

I feel I owe you an explanation for this, because you are like family to me. There have been many opportunities over the years to leave, but I was never interested. I never thought that we’d ever accept a job that didn’t allow us to stay here. But now, things are so critical in our country, it’s different. When Glenn called me a couple months ago and asked if there was any way I’d consider coming to work with him, I just felt like something had changed this time. And when I flew out to do that Fox audience show with him, and we started talking about the possibility, I could feel that it was something I needed to do. I didn’t (and don’t) necessarily want to do it, I just know that I’m supposed to.

I think that the burden on him is so great now, with everything he’s involved in, and the constant, vicious attacks have really taken a toll, and he needs help. So, whatever help I can be, I’m headed out to be.

There really aren’t adequate words to describe how much I’ve loved Texas. The people, environment, culture, pride, attitude…lack of state income taxes, everything….except the weather. READ THE REST

Can you blame him.  KSEV or national?  HMMM...I'm probably choosing national with my BFF!

UPDATE 1/2010
I interviewed Pat Gray about the Glenn Beck Program. CLICK HERE TO READ IT COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here