Monday, February 05, 2018

KHOU's 11.2 "Bounced" from Houston cable lineup

KHOU 11.2 sub-channel Bounce TV cannot be seen on Comcast's Xfinity Houston lineup channel 310

It seems like some KHOU viewers are upset that one of their favorite sub-channels has been removed from their cable lineup.

KHOU's Bounce TV debuted on 11.2 back in 2011.

While Bounce TV is still available over the air (OTA) on 11.2, it seems that according to emails I've received, the station disappeared from Comcast's Xfinity Houston lineup channel 310 when February hit the calendar.

What replaced Bounce on Xfinity channel 310 is KHOU's new sub-channel, Quest, which is 11.4 over the air.

So if you want to tune in for Bounce TV shows like The Cosby Show, Living Single or The Bernie Mac Show, you are going to have buy an antenna and hook it up to your TV from now on.

If you are unhappy with the change, you can fill out an Xfinity complaint form or call the Houston office.

Friday morning, I contacted both KHOU and Xfinity Houston for comment, but did not hear back from either company.

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