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Monday, August 21, 2017

Is Lisa Vaughn returning to FOX 26 or not?

Lisa Vaughn exits FOX 26 KRIV

Lisa Vaughn returns to FOX 26 KRIV

Lisa Vaughn fans are still asking me about her hopeful return to FOX 26 KRIV

What are people asking me about? Where is FOX 26 meteorologist Lisa Vaughn.

Back in July, a KRIV representative told us Vaughn, "didn't leave the station."

After I posted that last entry, I had Vaughn fans emailing me to dig more!

Find out the deal!

Guess, I am no Wayne Dolcefino.

Vaughn's agents need to take note off this viewer love at the next negotiation period. Many TV people leave the airwaves and the next day no one cares.

Get to the point McGuff...OK, we do have news about the MIA Vaughn!

And it's from the official source!

She was supposed to come back August 17th, according to her above Facebook post.

Hello friends. Thank you for asking about me. We will talk more tomorrow on Facebook Live when I return to work FOX 26 Houston. See you at noon. My dress is Lisa Couture of course

Only then it didn't happen.

We got this post next which looks like it could have come off the pages of Vogue magazine. That Al Torres knows what he's doing!

I was supposed to be back today, I know. Hope to see you soon. Much love. 💕 dress is lisa Couture.

That's all I have for now.

Hope everything is OK and she returns soon.

Lisa Vaughn returns to FOX 26 KRIV

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