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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

FOX 26's Dr. Jim Siebert could be in the next 'Partridge Family' only with real talent #hymnselfie

FOX 26 Chief Meteorologist Dr. Jim Siebert and family getting praise for heavenly voices

I always knew FOX 26 Chief Meteorologist Dr. Jim Siebert could bust a groove, but now he has even gone up a few more notes in my opinion.

Seems Dr. Siebert and his family are quite the acapella hymn singers.

In fact, their YouTube performance videos are racking up the views and getting them written up by LDS Living:

“One of the most beautiful expressions of the soul is acapella singing,” says Debbie. “And our hymnbook is compiled exactly for this. With the exception of just a few hymns, they are arranged for voice part singing. The hymns are sophisticated and simply stunning in their most raw form, just as they are when sung acapella in parts.”

Music is an important part of Debbie and Jim’s relationship. “My husband and I were in BYU Singers, so we began our relationship with singing,” Debbie shared. Singing continues to play a significant role in their marriage and family life, and they often sing together with their children.

“We sing a song each night before we pray (in parts), and sing spontaneously all the time (in parts). We have a great time. I have a testimony and have witnessed that singing together prevents contention and builds strength.”

Now I referenced The Partridge Family in the title. Of course that fictional TV group played instruments.

That got me thinking.

I'd like to perform with the Siebert's. The only problem, I can't sing.

Do you think they'd let me in for one video playing tambourine just like Tracy Partridge?

Yeah, I didn't think so either.

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