Thursday, February 09, 2017

KENS 5 debuts new set in 2017

Thanks to Eric who let me know that KENS 5 in San Antonio debuted a new set. See the station's page on the big change.

TEGNA sister station KHOU 11 debuted a new set in 2016.


  1. Looks similar to KHOU...Say, my USA TODAY in satx looks similar to the one in houston too. Coincidence?

  2. As a lifelong San Antonian, I like KENS 5's new studio set!

  3. KHOU wishes they had the KENS5 set.. it's a 100% better.

  4. Personally, there is no animosity, applied or intended, between the markets above. What is sad here is that, if not for call letters, talent, and promos/photos, I'd believe either set could be interchanged into either city. Tegna is homogenizing (i.e. USA TODAY) the viewing experience. WFAA is an exception probably because their makeover was during the glory days of Belo. What's even sadder is the decline in quality reporting at KHOU (ongoing exit of talent...) and the decline in ratings (Tegna8 included) since Gannett/Tegna took the reins.


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