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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

How KPRC's 'Houston Life' theme song came to be

Houston Life theme song 'It's So You' was recorded by country singer Lorrie Morgan's music production service

Derrick Shore and Jennifer Broome host Houston Life.

NASHVILLE, TN (PRWEB) NOVEMBER 08, 2016 - While Country Music icon, Lorrie Morgan, has been busy garnering 4 new Grammy nominations for her newest album, Letting Go Slow, her red hot music production service has been chalking up major victories with a growing account list for its commercial music division. Top markets nationwide have discovered Music City in general, and RedHot Jingles in particular, for original music solutions for film, television and commercial use. RedHot Jingles is co-owned by Lorrie with her brother, Marty Morgan.

In the latest win for RedHot Nashville, Houston’s NBC affiliate, KPRC TV added a new high energy lifestyle show to its lineup, requiring upscale theme music to set the tone for the daytime talk/entertainment series. Executive Producer, Don Graham, and KPRC Creative Director, Michael Guerrieri, turned to Nashville’s music scene and tapped RedHot Jingles for an original theme song. The result is a hip and inventive piece of music called “It’s So You” that punctuates the KPRC vision for the “Houston Life” TV show.

“We feel really fortunate to have partnered with a jingle production company like RedHot on this project,” KPRC’s Graham says. “They definitely over-deliver and they’re great at execution on every level. We couldn’t be happier the way they translated our conceptual direction into a brilliant musical execution. Marty is a real pro and the music they produce is sonically outstanding and in every way compelling.”

Since its founding in 2010 by seasoned ad man and voice over artist, Marty Morgan, and his sister, Lorrie, RedHot Jingles has quickly become an established music resource for entertainment and marketing. After landing its first national account with Liberty Tax Service, the jingle company has been awarded jingle projects for a variety of clients in varied industries, including retail, home repair, travel, legal, medical and more.

“This city is becoming more and more a go-to market for all things musical,” Lorrie Morgan says. “Just look at the number of TV, film and documentary scores produced in Nashville and you will see that when it comes to music these days, Nashville has become far more than its tradition reputation as a Country Music market. We have the talent, the technology and the production infrastructure to support and create anything musically.”

For the “Houston Life” project, RedHot’s Senior Creative Director, Marty Morgan called in Australian singer/songwriter, Katrina Burgoyne, to collaborate on “It’s So You.” The tv theme song has a modern, techno-pop groove with a driving drum beat and synth-driven feel reminiscent of the pop sound of the '90’s which has gained popularity again in media and commercials.
Country/Pop newcomer, Mandy Brooke, provided the lead vocals with her dynamic range and high soulful energy. The team created a main theme and numerous promotional cuts and bumpers, plus over 15 seasonal and holiday versions for KPRC in different musical genres.

In addition to Burgoyne and Brooke, RedHot brought in Nashville composer/arranger, Geoff Koch, to spearhead arrangements on the final music production, along with former Black River Entertainment engineer, Austin Kursave, to produce the original television theme track which ultimately won out over competing music shops.

“Houston has the 4th largest population of U.S. cities, and is a Top 10 DMA [Designated Market Area] with a huge audience,(Editor note: Houston now 8th TV DMA)” Mary Morgan notes. “I’m thrilled to have been awarded this project. After providing two developmental compositions and demos, we learned that RedHot Jingles had been chosen. It’s a real feather in our cap and I’m proud of my team’s effort, energy and originality; everything that went into creating the theme package for KPRC’s new show.”

Lorrie Morgan is receiving great accolades for her latest album, produced by Richard Landis, including recent Grammy nods. RedHot Jingles continues to grow, owing in large part to the Morgan’s decades of combined creative experience in songwriting, studio work and advertising. They have earned a reputation for crafting clever lyrical “hooks” and vibrant melodies for regional, local and national clients that have included America West Airlines, Wind River Casinos, Friendship Auto Group, Cellular One Phones, and many more national, regional and local clients.

RedHot Jingles has also recently produced music for nationally syndicated automotive talk show, Car Pro USA, a stadium fight song for the NFL’s Tennessee Titans and numerous automotive music projects including its first all-Spanish productions for Moffett Productions, a leading Houston video service.

Hear more clips from the show's theme

Additionally, the siblings are busy laying the ground work for their first Broadway musical which is moving into early production.

About RedHot Jingle Company

Founded in 2010 by brother and sister team Lorrie and Marty Morgan, Red Hot Jingles writes and produces custom jingles and original music for television, radio, film, sports and entertainment.

As children of Country Music Hall of Fame member George Morgan — whose hit song Candy Kisses elevated him to national fame as well membership to Grand Ole Opry in 1948 – music is truly in their genes.

Multi-platinum recording artist Lorrie Morgan is a 4-time recipient of “Female Vocalist of the Year” in TNN’s Music City News Awards and has charted more than 30 Billboard singles, including three No. 1 songs.

Marty Morgan is a veteran of the advertising community, where he worked as a copywriter and creative director for ad agencies in Birmingham, Dallas, Kansas City and Nashville. He serves as senior producer and lead writer for the RedHot creative team.

(This post was originally distributed via PRWeb)

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