Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Houston now 8th Nielsen Designated Market Area (DMA)

Houston is moving on up from 10 to 8 in the Nielsen TV Designated Market Area (DMA) list

I guess all the news about people moving to Houston is true. Today, ratings company Nielsen announced its list of the 2016-2017 television markets and Houston jumped from market 10 to 8!

If Houston moved up to 8, that means we passed Boston (Manchester) and Atlanta.

So what does it matter? I am no sales expert, but I understand advertisers like to buy spots in the top 10 markets. So I'm not sure what this means for us moving up two spots. Bragging rights?

"Other than proving the point that Houston is a growing market, I’m not sure this changes anything on TV pricing," Chris Caldwell of advertising firm Briggs & Caldwell told "So, yes, bragging rights are probably the biggest stake. When Houston went from #11 to #10 a few years ago, stations told us that they would be on more national buys (advertisers who target top ten markets)…thereby making inventory tighter, and driving up rates. The change in rank is probably more of an impact to news talent who are constantly trying to upgrade the size market for which they report. Boston and Atlanta people will now want to come here. LOL."

Heck, I remember the old days when we were market 11. In fact, I remember when we hit market 10. Now that did make a difference. On a personal level, when I was working in the channel 13 consumer office, we immediately started getting more emails from companies trying to get us to test their products.


Top 10 Local Television Market Universe Estimates
Estimates as of January 1, 2017 and used throughout the 2016-2017 television season
Estimates are effective September 24, 2016
1 New York
2 Los Angeles
3 Chicago
4 Philadelphia
5 Dallas-Ft. Worth
6 San Francisco-Oak-San Jose
7 Washington, DC (Hagrstwn)
8 Houston
9 Boston (Manchester)
10 Atlanta


  1. McGuff, where's San Antonio in this list ?

    1. San Antonio #32

    2. San Antonio moved up to #31

  2. Not too long ago the bigger the market the better quality reporters and anchors. Not any more. Management paying less for new hires and cutting anchor salaries. It means poor quality news products. Blame it on the digital emphasis. News operations hiring more "content provider" and less quality reporters.

  3. Maybe if we''re a bigger market we can get some decent news. I'm really tired of KTRK-13 stretching a 3 minute auto accident story into "BREAKING NEWS" continuous coverage for 2 1/2 hours or learning about some useless piece of garbage you can get for free. Tom Koch should be ashamed of doing this. His worthless counterpart is no better than a Facebook post. And how many people are driving and watching the traffic on TV (I can't believe that someone with a degree from Rice would want to do this job)? Not many I imagine. And speaking of worthless filler let's look at the first day of school when Courtney Fischer helped those two little kids get out of the house and on their way to school. Compelling television to say the least. There's a lot of serious stuff going on in our country right now and Channel 13 has missed the boat. I watched the newsat one time and now I'm mad as hell!

  4. KPRC does that at times too with a story will turn into a long event. I know at times would be watching something and then break in and the reporter at the Desk was horrible. Had to read like real slow and kept asking over and over same questions and repeating and repeating every second what was happening. I mean myself why not scroll along the bottom. I know with breaking news KTRK and KPRC break in the most as hardly see KHOU unless the time of something. I know a lot of times would have breaking news at the 1 to 2 pm hour and things a good bit for a while it seemed but maybe has settled some.

    We watch KHOU but not happy with all their changes and the people we liked at the times we watch have been moved around. But Houston picking up too doesn't surprise me. See if can keep the up trend up or will they fall back.

  5. This is why I quit tv!

  6. I would imagine about a year from now... I could see DFW and Philly fighting it out for the number 4 spot.

    With Boston seeing such a steep drop, I wouldn't be surprised to see it dropping below Atlanta and Tampa Bay. One factor unlikely to be of benefit to Boston is NBC affiliation leaving WHDH at the end of this year, among other factors.


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