Thursday, September 08, 2016

VIDEO: Chita Craft announces pregnancy - sings 'It's Raining Men'

KHOU 11 morning meteorologist Chita Craft is having a baby!

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Before Chita Johnson Craft announced her pregnancy on the morning newscast, the KHOU 11 meteorologist actually revealed the news in a video where she carpools with two pastors. By the way, it's a boy.

Fast forward to five minutes into the video to see Craft, who shows up walking in the sunshine wearing a poncho with an opened umbrella in hand. She meets Pastor Eric Huffman (The Story Houston) and Dr. Tom Pace (St. Luke's Methodist), who in addition to Craft, also pick up Houston rap legend Bun B and fashion designer Preston Boyer.

Pastor Huffman Dr. Tom Pace (Correction) and Bun B both have a connection to Craft's wedding. Huffman officiated it, Bun B performed at the reception with Paul Wall.

Craft tells the pastors she doesn't get nervous going on TV, but did get the butterflies during her wedding ceremony.

Taking a cue from late night TV's James Corden, Craft also belts out the 1982 The Weather Girls hit "It's Raining Men." Extra points for those who know who co-wrote this song!

It's at 7:52 or so when Craft tells the pastors the big baby news while talking about her husband, Lane.

On KHOU 11 this morning, Craft admitted the pregnancy thing, "happened a little fast."

"I know its not a litte Chita, I'm Chita the fifth, I was kinda inside hoping for a Chita the sixth, but it's OK," Craft said.

Instead the Crafts and Houston TV viewers will welcome Les William Craft. Les and William are both family names from each side.

"I am the worst secret keeper of all times, so this has been the hardest thing for me," Craft added.

Craft is close to four months. Little Les is due March 1st, 2017.

"Please don't make fun of me once I start getting really big," Chita pleaded.

The Story Houston: Carpool Karaoke from The Story Houston on Vimeo.


  1. Much happiness to you both and the new life to come.You both will be amazing parents.May the Lord Bless you three forever.

  2. Congratulations to Chita & Lane on the pregnancy!

  3. How about "Chito"?

  4. why, why, why does Houston media keep telling me I ought to care about this woman?

  5. Just kill me now...

  6. She's obviously the most qualified meteorologist that KHOU has because she's the met with the most station promotion. Nobody cares about Huey, Dewey or Louie at Channel 11.

    1. Fake rack, photoshop and bleached blonde hair do not = qualified, much less most qualified.

  7. Overrated. Underqualified. #BringBackGene

  8. Wow, that was fast. Congrats to Chita. At least we know now how Chita was riding that Craft shaft!

  9. Totally talentless person, why does anyone care about "Cheeto"?