Thursday, July 28, 2016

Telemundo Houston KTMD delivers its best July sweeps performance

Telemundo Houston’s Local Newscast “Noticiero Telemundo Houston at 10 PM” is Second Most-Watched in the Market, In Any Language

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Telemundo Houston / KTMD today announced the station had achieved its best weekday Primetime and late local news performance among Adults 18 to 49 and Adults 25 to 54 at the close of the July 2016 survey period.

During Primetime (Monday to Friday 7 PM to 10 PM), Telemundo Houston was the most-watched local station in the market among, regardless of language among Adults 18 to 34, Adults 18 to 49 and Adults 25 to 54.

Additionally, Telemundo Houston’s local weekday newscast, Noticiero Telemundo Houston at 10 PM outranked all other English-language local late news competitors in the market among Adults 18 to 34, Adults 18 to 49 and Adults 25 to 54.

“Considering that half of the prime time and 10 p.m. late news Adult 18-49 viewers are watching Spanish-Language programming, we are honored that Telemundo Houston delivers the entertainment, news and information Houstonians want," said Tony Canales, President and General Manager, Telemundo Houston.

Additional July 2016 highlights include:

 At 9 PM, Telemundo’s Super Series El Señor de los Cielos and Señora Acero 3 out delivered all other local stations in the market in the time period, in among Adults 18 to 34, Adults 18 to 49 and Adults 25 to 54.

 On July 19, Telemundo Houston outperformed all other Spanish-language competitors in the market with the triple Primetime premiere of Silvana Sin Lana at 7 PM, Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraiso at 8 PM, and Señora Acero 3 at 9 PM among Adults 18 to 34, Adults 18 to 49 and Adults 25 to 54

Source: NSI Houston; July 2016-July 2008; Preliminary Live +SD; Arianna Reports; Daypart AQH Impressions M-F 9p-10p, 7p-10p (KTMD, KXLN, KFTH, KZJL, KYAZ, KTBU, KHLM, KUVM, KTRK, KHOU, KPRC, KRIV, KIAH, KTXH, KUBE); News Program Average Impressions M-F 9p-1030p (KTMD, KXLN, KFTH, KTRK, KHOU, KPRC, KIAH, KRIV); JUL16 Primetime M-F 7p-10p Spn-Lng Share 46.2%; Late News PAV M-F 10p-1030p Spn-Lng Share 58.1%

(This post is taken from a release sent to me by Telemundo)

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  1. At this rate it won't be long before Spanish is the official language of Houston.

    1. You should speak the language of the majority, of the country you live in. The majority here, speak English. If you live in Mexico, you should speak Spanish. If you live in France, French. I don't get why everyone else who had to come here, has had to learn English and assimilate, but with a certain group, everyone else has to speak their language and assimilate into their culture.

  2. Maybe 10:52am, but you can't go by this. Every sweep the Spanish language stations put these releases out. Congrats on their wins, but they're only competing against a handful of same language options across broadcast and cable. These numbers would be dramatically lower if the ratio of Spanish to English channels reflected the ratio of Spanish to English speakers in Houston. While KTMD versus KXLN is a true comparison, lumping in English stations will always be apples to oranges unless the ratio of Spanish to English channels shoots up in the neighborhood of 35/65. Plus, there would need to be at least one more major local Spanish news competitor. What their releases ARE usually good for is getting the snapshot of where the English stations stand against each other without the favorable spin each would put on their own release. Congrats KTMD for your wins over KXLN.

  3. Why don't they employ any non-Latino on air talent? Seems quite racist to me.


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