Monday, July 18, 2016

Chris Stipes leaves FOX 26 KRIV

WHILE I WAS AWAY: FOX 26 KRIV weekend anchor Chris Stipes hits the road

Chris Stipes
I keep trying to get out, but they keep pulling me back in.

Back from a blogging vacation because the Houston media scene is really, really heating up.

Ouch, that's freakin hot!

Trump told me what's about to happen this week in the Houston television world is "huge" (This is as political as it gets around here).

Last week I was in rural Washington State hiking through rain forests. It was great. We even drove past KIRO and I saw KOMO from the Space Needle.

Maybe if you cared I would post some photos. You know, kind of a what I did on my blogging break assignment.

The greatest thing about this trip, no cell phone signals for Sprint or AT&T for the most part. We were old school! Heck, even the old Sirius XM signal had problems getting to us.

Enough about the boring stuff, here's what you want.

First up, FOX 26 KRIV weekend anchor Chris Stipes has exited from the station last Friday.

Here's what he posted on Facebook this morning:

Hi everybody! It was a tough choice but I've decided to leave FOX 26 News! 10 years ago I rolled the dice and moved to Houston without a job for family reasons. Now, I'm excited and energized to take another gamble.
I will always cherish the friends I made here. The team at FOX is awesome and so are our viewers. I've really enjoyed connecting with all of you on Facebook and I will continue to do so!
My story is still being written. While this chapter has closed, I can't wait to see what happens next!
For now I think I'll grow a beard, work on my jump shot at the "Y," and most of all spend more time with my wife and daughters!
Stay tuned...

The award winning journalist actually started out as a sports guy working for such stations as KXAN Austin, KFOX El Paso, and WTVG Toledo. He moved to Houston in 2006 2016 to join wife and KTRK anchor Elissa Rivas. Stipes was hired as a KRIV reporter moving to anchor mornings and more recently weekends.

I've met Stipes a couple of times and he is truly a fun guy to be around.

In Stipes' anchor chair last weekend was Isiah Carey. It was truly an uncensored experience.

Fox 26's Chris Stipes has near death experience


  1. You could tell he used to do sports, he always knew what he was talking about when he and Mark Berman talked after his report.

    1. Somebody tell McGuff that Stipes moved to Houston in 2006. NOT 2016.

      Get the facts right buddy!

  2. You can only go UP by leaving Fox 26. Good luck.

  3. crud!! First Natalie now you!!! Can't say I blame you, Houston is tough!! I pray blessings over you and your family! Good luck in whatever your next endeavor is!! Blessings!

  4. He was the last good one they had. That Isiah show is horrible and quite frankly it's a joke that it is on a major market. Most people would get intro trouble for some of the stuff that is said on there, but this is the station that has X on, so what do we expect.

  5. I don't understand their reasoning with adding a lot of these uneducated radio personalities who don't know what they are doing and sound so bad. They don't sound well-educated and don't sound like they have any experience. What is going on there? Are they too cheap to hire people who actually know what they are doing? Is it, because they are going after the urban and Hispanic radio crowd. This is what it seems like, because it seems like most of the " non-minorities" are leaving.

  6. Replies
    1. So, she's Spanish, or Italian? That is what a " Latina" is. If she is of Mexican descent, she is a " Chicana."

    2. Google it up fool!

      She's 100% Latina (Hispanic)!

    3. Um, fool, is she of Mexican descent? If she is, she is not" Latina." Latins are Spaniards, Italians, etc. So, you are calling me a fool, but yet you base everything on what your freaking Google?

    4. So, let me get this straight. I just said that she wasn't a Latina, in a nice way, you then called me a " fool," I called you one back and said nothing else mean, and now you said this profanity. Sad that you are getting this angry, because I corrected you. What does that say about you?

    5. So, someone who corrects you is an " uppity agitator?' I prefer " well-educated, uppity agitator. Bye, now. You have fun calling me names. Poor thing.

    6. I dont know whether to be amused or annoyed at this little exchange, but since it has been brought to my attention numerous times...

      1. Congrats Chris. You're awesome. I know you will succeed.

      2. English is my first language. My mother (who has the most beautiful, engaging green eyes) is a retired English and Spanish teacher. I understand and speak both those languages. Full disclosure: I do have some trouble writing in Spanish.

      3. I'm also fairly proficient in Portuguese.

      4. Thank you, anonymous, in advance. If I ever decide to have children, I will refer back to this little exhange when figuring out how to describe them on important documents.

      - Kristine

    7. Um, what did I say that was wrong, in reference to 4? Jesus, should we lie to people, so they can feel better? Show me proof that what I am saying is wrong. What does anything you are saying have to do with what we are talking about. Good for you. I speak Spanish, Italian and English. Maybe, go to Europe;especially, Spain and discuss this and ask them. If you want to think people of Mexican descent are Latin...go for it. It's incorrect and people who are intelligent won't think very highly of you, but how many intelligent people do you really meet in Houston? I bet you end sentences with " with," right?

  7. Awesome you were in my home state! 💚💙 hope you enjoyed the hikes & hope the weather was good to you!

  8. I didn't mean to offend you, Anonymous.

    My above response was an attempt at lightheartedness.

    In hindsight, I should've replied: I think we should be judged on our skills and abilities, not on where our ancestors were born.

    I'm not in TV anymore. I don't even live in Houston anymore so hearing about and then reading the above exchange was just very weird to me.


    1. I understand, but I'm not judging her on where she is from. I was correcting the other guy who was. Were you talking about him and not me? I think in an effort to be PC , people can kind of sound uneducated. Rudolph Valentino was Italian, but he was called the " Latin Lover," because Italians, Spanish and a few others are Latins, not people of Mexican, Honduran,etc., descent.

    2. My sister-in-law is Uruguayan.

    3. Um, most of the people there are of Italian descent. So, they would probably be Latin.

    4. You might not know this but the former Roger Aisles at Fox News Channel that was forced out of Fox, was also in charge of the Owned and Operated Station Group. He was never liked at all. So they not only have to replace the Head of Fox News Channel but decide if that person will continue to be in Charge of the O&O Stations. The look an operation of all Owned Fox Stations is really up in the air. Everything could change!!

    5. I kept wondering what happened to him...I always enjoyed watching him. This makes me sad

    6. I kept wondering what happened to him...I always enjoyed watching him. This makes me sad