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Monday, July 18, 2016

Chris Stipes leaves FOX 26 KRIV

UPDATE 11-2016
Chris Stipes has joined UH media relations team as the assistant director of media relations.

WHILE I WAS AWAY: FOX 26 KRIV weekend anchor Chris Stipes hits the road

Chris Stipes
I keep trying to get out, but they keep pulling me back in.

Back from a blogging vacation because the Houston media scene is really, really heating up.

Ouch, that's freakin hot!

Trump told me what's about to happen this week in the Houston television world is "huge" (This is as political as it gets around here).

Last week I was in rural Washington State hiking through rain forests. It was great. We even drove past KIRO and I saw KOMO from the Space Needle.

Maybe if you cared I would post some photos. You know, kind of a what I did on my blogging break assignment.

The greatest thing about this trip, no cell phone signals for Sprint or AT&T for the most part. We were old school! Heck, even the old Sirius XM signal had problems getting to us.

Enough about the boring stuff, here's what you want.

First up, FOX 26 KRIV weekend anchor Chris Stipes has exited from the station last Friday.

Here's what he posted on Facebook this morning:

Hi everybody! It was a tough choice but I've decided to leave FOX 26 News! 10 years ago I rolled the dice and moved to Houston without a job for family reasons. Now, I'm excited and energized to take another gamble.
I will always cherish the friends I made here. The team at FOX is awesome and so are our viewers. I've really enjoyed connecting with all of you on Facebook and I will continue to do so!
My story is still being written. While this chapter has closed, I can't wait to see what happens next!
For now I think I'll grow a beard, work on my jump shot at the "Y," and most of all spend more time with my wife and daughters!
Stay tuned...

The award winning journalist actually started out as a sports guy working for such stations as KXAN Austin, KFOX El Paso, and WTVG Toledo. He moved to Houston in 2006 2016 to join wife and KTRK anchor Elissa Rivas. Stipes was hired as a KRIV reporter moving to anchor mornings and more recently weekends.

I've met Stipes a couple of times and he is truly a fun guy to be around.

In Stipes' anchor chair last weekend was Isiah Carey. It was truly an uncensored experience.

UPDATE 11-2016
Chris Stipes has joined UH media relations team as the assistant director of media relations.

Fox 26's Chris Stipes has near death experience

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