Thursday, June 23, 2016

VIDEO: Marvin Zindler's 'Slime in the Ice Machine' tease with Mike McGuff

Mike McGuff gets to yell "Slime in the Ice Machine" for Marvin Zindler

Here's a throwback for you...

When I was interning at KTRK abc13 in 1995, legendary Houston Action 13 consumer reporter Marvin Zindler asked me to do a "Slime in the Ice Machine" tease for that night's newscast!

The great Alan Hemberger also makes a comment.

RIP to both of them.

 photo mikemcguff_marvinzindler_zpswkfdecr7.jpg


  1. How cool. Houston news hasn't been the same since Marvin Zindler died.

  2. Great to see both Alan and Marvin again. What ever became of the McGuff guy?


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