Monday, April 11, 2016

Alice Barr leaves KHOU for KXAS NBC 5 DFW

KHOU 11 reporter Alice Barr heads up to North Texas at KXAS NBC 5

Alice Barr
Alice Barr
As you probably have already heard, KHOU 11's Doug Miller is leaving the station after 23 years. And I don't want that to totally overshadow the upcoming departure of channel 11 reporter Alice Barr who has worked at the station for two years.

Yes, Barr is joining former KPRC 2 anchor Courtney Gilmore at NBC 5 KXAS in the Dallas-Fort Worth TV market.

"I have loved my time at KHOU and in Houston," Barr told "I've worked with, and formed lifelong friendships, with some wonderful people here. I'm really going to miss it, but I'm very excited to join the outstanding team at KXAS. The station has a stellar reputation and a lot of new energy."

Lots of questions came in as to why Houston television reporters would want to go to North Texas. Well the DFW Metroplex is TV market #5 and Houston is #10, so I would imagine it is a bigger payday - plus KXAS just built a brand new, state-of-the-art station to boot (I used "boot" because KXAS is in "Cowtown" after all).

There is one more reason for Barr to move to the DFW area. Her fiance, KHOU 11 photographer David Soltis, has also accepted a job at NBC 5.

"I'm also getting married this summer," Barr told me. "My fiance's family lives in Dallas and having that support will mean a lot as we start our married lives together."

For those not in the TV biz, that is very fortunate they both landed a job at the same time, in the same city and even at the same station!

Barr's last day at KHOU will be April 21st, Soltis' will be April 22nd. Then it's that three hour plus trek up I-45 for the two TV lovebirds (the time to Dallas will be reduced to less than 90 minutes according to the Texas Central high-speed rail opening in 2021).

"I'll be sure to make it back to visit, so don't be surprised if you see me pop up around town," Barr added.

The Lone Star EMMY winning Barr joined KHOU 11 as a reporter in 2014 from KCTV5 in Kansas City where she has been since April 2012.

Previously she served as a reporter for KGAN/KFXA, the CBS/FOX affiliates in Cedar Rapids, IA, from 2009 to 2012. Before that she was as an MMJ Reporter for WIFR, the CBS affiliate in Rockford, IL, from 2006 to 2009. She got her start in local television news as a reporter for KULR-8 News, the NBC affiliate, in Billings, MT, in 2005.

While earning her degree as a student at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, Barr interned at CNN's The Capital Gang, ABC's Nightline and National Geographic.


  1. She was a good one. Wonder if any newbies will be coming in at KHOU with the departures and more. I wonder too if Ch 11 can do any upgrades to their building or studio or something too.

    Channel 2 got a new building and such and Ch 13 upgraded their studio as well. I know KHOU recently went to the New Video Board and such with Weather but don't know would like to see some upgrades with KHOU. I see some mention these things and wish could keep people here in Houston so could grow more here with the News but Dallas I am sure is bigger News Wise too as said. Wish her good luck along with Courtney too as 2 greats leaving the area and can't forgot Doug as well and wish him luck in his endeavors.

    1. The exodus from Houston to Dallas-Fort Worth continues!

  2. All the good reporters are leaving channel 11. I wonder if Lisa Hernandez is next, since her husband got fired from the Rockets a few weeks ago.

    1. Doubt it.

      My expectations is that she'll stay for a long time.

    2. What did her husband do for the Rockets??

  3. Was curious what happened with Lisa's Husband as far as Rockets go. I was really liking him doing the call outside of Craig there.

    But hope he finds something too.

    But there is an exodus here of late and the other stations too.

    Wonder what will come for the Late Spring and Summer months before the Fall and all time.

    If anyone new will be coming in to take their spots.

    I hope Bob Allen comes back to Ch 11 perhaps this year but noticed the Ch 11 tag has been dropped with his FB page too so don't know even with that. I know his health but do miss him.

    But will Miss both Alice and Doug were a couple of great ones. But of late crazy to follow with who is where at times too with filling in and more too.

  4. And yet, they keep the clown, Pablo, who tries to be funny (and isn't). They need to let him go. But, he's probably working for pesos, so, he's cheap.


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