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Friday, February 26, 2016

VIDEO: Katie Couric reports on Houston

Katie Couric on how Houston beat the oil bust

You might have heard that Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric had been in Houston filming for her series "Cities Rising: Rebuilding America." Above is her report.

Here is more from the accompanying text article:

Houston will surprise you. The host city for tonight’s GOP debate has been referred to as a modern day Ellis Island, where more than 145 languages are spoken. The sprawling metropolis known for traffic and Tex-Mex is also home to next year’s Super Bowl and has one of the most diverse populations in the nation. Its economy is thriving despite a decline in oil prices, which once crippled the city.

In the early ’80s, Houston was riding high on oil. In 1980, 82 percent of all the jobs in the city were tied to the oil business. When the bottom fell out, Houston’s economy took a major hit.

“We paid a huge price,” says Houston’s newly elected mayor, Sylvester Turner.

Today, despite another oil downturn, Houston is much better positioned to ride out the storm.

“We learned our lesson,” says longtime Houston Chronicle columnist Ken Hoffman.

“We have diversified our culture, our industries, our economy. We’re past the oil economy dependence.”

Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric headed to the Bayou City for the latest stop in her series “Cities Rising: Rebuilding America” and took a close look at the industries that are driving the city today.

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