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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Mike McGuff analyzes media coverage on 88.7's Houston Matters

Got a chance to be on Houston Public Media's Houston Matters on News 88.7 KUHF today and the topic matches this blog because it was all about the media.

After Saturday's media turkey calling contest I started getting sick. Luckily I was feeling way better Wednesday but had to pull back on the meds. Although a loopy McGuff might make good radio...who knows? Maybe better than what actually happened!

It's been a busy stretch for those who cover the news. You may feel some media outlets have done well, and others not so much, while reporting on everything from the terrorist attacks in Paris to recent unrest on college campuses to this month’s election here in Houston.

From time to time on the program we bring together some media watchers to share their thoughts on how major stories here and elsewhere have been handled by media, locally, nationally and worldwide.

Today, we hear the views of Houston media blogger Mike McGuff, Houston Chronicle Assistant City Editor Mike Snyder, and University of Houston Professor of Communications Garth Jowett. We also welcome your thoughts on the news coverage you see, hear, and read.

Listen below:

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