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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Karla Barguiarena working for ABC News One

Former KTRK abc13 reporter Karla Barguiarena has a gig at ABC News One

Karla Barguiarena
Karla Barguiarena
Last June, Karla Barguiarena left KTRK abc13 and now we see she made a network upgrade.

Barguiarena tells she is now freelancing for ABC News One.

 That means she is filing reports for the ABC owned TV stations like KTRK and all of the other affiliates around the country.

You might also spot her on ABC News shows.

The below video is a story Barguiarena reported on for WABC in New York (you'll see her at the end).


  1. Good for her. Love her!

  2. I'm happy for her on this achievement!!!!!

  3. Now the rest of the country won't be able to understand her as well.


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