Wednesday, July 22, 2015

JJ Watt is synchronized swimming now?

Looks like Houston Texan JJ Watt has taken up synchronized swimming and curling in the off season

 photo jjwatt-reliant_zpskiptqcuo.jpg
JJ Watt in the pool for Reliant TV commercial

Has Houston Texans defensive animal JJ Watt abandoned football and the NFL for synchronized swimming and curling in the off season? No. He is actually joining Oscar winning actor Matthew McConaughey and starring in Reliant ads.

Watt has a great name to rep an energy retailer.

And besides just being an electric pitchman, Reliant has also made Justin James “J.J.” Watt the company's new "Vice President of Power Relations."  No joke, he even has a LinkedIn page -- Talk about six point marketing.

The ads debut around Texas starting tomorrow.

And speaking of Houston Texans player news, Watt is not the only Houston Texans with commercial touchdowns. Wednesday, July 29, Windows 10 launches and Houston Texans Linebacker Brian Cushing will make an appearance at the Microsoft store at the Houston Galleria.


  1. Can someone tell him to STOP IT because there's going to be some skeleton he doesn't want popping out for everyone to see!

  2. If his production slips a bit, the fans will revolt and cite him ubiquitous PR stunts for the past several months as the reason for his lack of focus.

  3. He's becoming a Khardashian. Disgusting. (Although Dom Sachse is taking notes trying to see how her poor image can be resuscitated by following JJ's public relations model.)

  4. JJ is creepy.

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  6. And so is your mom


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