Thursday, April 02, 2015

Should Houston fly under the media's radar?

Is Houston getting too popular with the national media? Can we handle all the transplants that will come with it?

Houston has clearly become more popular with the national press. After feeling disrespected for years...has the attention been all it's cracked up to be? Or are we getting too popular, with too many people moving here? Will we be able to handle it?

Don't get me started on the traffic either.

It's a radical change from when I started this blog in 2005. Back then, I would try to spotlight cool things about Houston. I even wrote the post "Why do people hate Houston?" and got lots of negative feedback about the Bayou City.

However, lately the love has been shining down on our fair city.

I appeared on 88.7 KUHF's Houston Matters with the Houston Chronicle's Craig Hlavaty and James Glassman, the founder and director of Houstorian to discuss "Houston under the radar" (audio of broadcast embedded above or click here).


  1. McGuff, that remains to be seen!

  2. To many people outside the area we're viewed as the "Detroit of the South" (although New Orleans is pretty much closer to that title, IMO) or the "Detroit/Cleveland of Texas". We're viewed as some high crime city with a better economy, not to mention the mecca of pollution-laden oil and gas. Weird, but it's true.

    That's also why it's pretty hard for any Houston professional sports team to snag a big name star, or for the entertainment industry to flourish here.

    1. New Yorkers and Californians like to talk about our pollution-laden environment. However I can assure you that the air in my backyard in the Memorial area has fewer pollutants in it than an air sample taken anywhere on the island of Manhattan or in the City of Los Angeles. Go figure.

    2. Try East Houston and Pasadena. The pollution levels there are almost on the same level as LA or NY.

  3. Peope who judge a city by its professional sports teams and big name stars need to get a life. It amazes me that people are dumb enough to pay $100 or more for a ticket (and up to $25 for parking) to see a bunch of over-paid athletes play a game that can be watched for free on TV. An interesting irony about the Houston area is that a number of big name star athletes live here even though they play for teams in other cities. They live here because we do not have a state income tax and compared to the cities that they play for, we have fantastic house values and much better overall weather (i.e. no snow).

  4. Houston needs more integrity in some of its media. Case in point:

    The tabloid KPRC ran a pair of disingenuous, if not outright lies, they deemed as commercials / promos this weekend. One was Eisenbaum hyping their investigative reporters that starts with some tripe about how if people were ethical, then there'd be no need for KPRC's investigative reporters. The second one was a promo on the recent man in Spring who was evading police until he ran into his old girlfriend's house.

    They claimed (1) they were the first to have it on air, and (2) they were the only ones with someone on site when the guy was arrested. Wrong and wrong. I saw it on another channel before KPRC. And when the guy was arrested that tiny lady from KHOU or KTRK was there.. Along with Ethical Eisenbaum.

    They need to stop the self-hype when facts don't support it.


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