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Monday, March 30, 2015

Univision Houston launches Texas regional morning newscast Noticias Texas Primera Edición

“Noticias Texas Primera Edición” Premieres on Univision Monday, April 6

Univision Local Media announced the launch of a regional morning newscast in Texas, “Noticias Texas Primera Edición” (Texas News First Edition). Based in Houston, the newscast will air across Univision stations in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin on weekdays from 4 a.m. to 6 a.m. beginning on Monday, April 6, 2015.

Anchored by Karina Yapor and Rodolfo Sanchez, “Noticias Texas Primera Edición” will be the leading source for regional morning news, local weather and traffic. Coverage will be sourced from across the state including News bureaus established in the Texas State Capital, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.

The news team will be comprised of journalists from across all four markets as follows: Andrea Aguirre Alvarado and Vanessa Abuchaibe in Dallas, Victoria Acosta-Rubio and Laura Sierra in Houston, Alejandra Becerra in San Antonio, and Liliana Soto and David Herrera in Austin. Following the newscast, Univision Network’s hit morning show “Despierta América” (Wake-Up America) will air at 6 a.m.

“We are committed to bringing our audiences the best news, entertainment and information. The launch of “Noticias Texas Primera Edición” allows us to deliver in that regard,” said Kevin Cuddihy, president, Univision Local Media. “Our audiences in this region will be connected to the best content from across the state of Texas, delivered by the familiar faces that they’ve come to trust.”

Univision Local Media’s portfolio of assets in Texas include: KUVN, Univision 23 Dallas; KSTR, UniMás 49 Dallas; KXLN, Univision 45 Houston; KFTH, UniMás 67 Houston; KAKW, Univision 62 Austin; KFTO, UniMás 31 Austin; KWEX, Univision 41 San Antonio; KNIC, UniMás 17 San Antonio, in addition to its digital and social platforms.

(This post is from a news release sent to me by Univision)


  1. This is cool, reminiscent of the old Huntley-Brinkley days with Terry Drinkwater in L.A. and ABCs World News Tonight w/Frank Reynolds at the helm while Pete Jennings and Max Robinson were the wing men- but in Spanish. I travel the major Texas cities and the SoCal region so I'm familiar with the local broadcasts in English and Spanish. From what I've heard and seen the personnel mentioned in the release are rich with talent, especially from my home town SATX, Alejandra Becerra-- she is a standout and "quick study" to be noticed. She's not only got an amazing anchor presence, her delivery, confidence and interviews are great and refreshing; especially some of the exclusives she's landed.. She reminds me of a mix of L.A.s ABC7s Curt Sandoval and CBS LAs Jim Hill. She's not brash and doesn't flaunt her physical appearance like some of the other female sports personalities in major markets and networks. Instead she's sharp, prepared, asks good, firm questions, creates a great story and exposes her interviewees to her viewers VS reading scores from a teleprompter like most sportscasters. She'll be one the radar didn't see coming. From what I heard at the gym this morning she's an ex Air Force PR / PIO and Journalist who's been a lifetime athlete. I sense a McGuff roadtrip doing a piece on each one of these newscasters. Is this Univision gig on a national basis in other Univision regions or just Texas and do they plan on expanding this group / concept nationwide, Mike? And how does Univison compare to Telemundo in ratings and market share year-to-date, VS English TV stations here in Texas?

  2. Thank you for your input Alejandra Becerra's agent.


    FYI this is only my second comment this year on this blog!!

    I'm going to say what Mike should have said about you a long time ago: YOU MR. NEGATIVE are a pain in the ass!. For the last 2 -3 years all you ever do is bitch, whine, moan and complain. This is a forum for people who like to talk about the media and express their opinions in a logical and refined manner; to the best of their ability- I think that's fair to say.

    Secondly I'm not Alejandra's fricken agent or any of the talent mentioned in the Univision release, nor do I know any of them!!!. I'm a newsie just like people who are film buffs.

    Where you come up with all your contrived and crap statements, day after day, week after week, month after month, I don't know and could care less. You're nauseating. I bet your neighbors and people you interact with daily think you're a loser too. Get a life dude! Sorry Mike but I don't want to sound like I'm throwing you under the bus, you should have refused to put this jerk on a long time ago.

    You - Anonymous have no background or understanding in this field. You sit behind a computer in a "dark place" in a "dark room"!! For an adult you're a pathetic example for children with broadcasting news dreams, and those who read this blog, looking to get into the business and make a career. I know you do this (try to piss off the readers and create controversy that doesn't exist) to "get a rise" out of the fellow readers. News Flash Anonymous: Shut Up! If you can't contribute to this blog with substance, DON'T. No one cares a rip about your thoughts.

    Now for the readers who may think I'm biased from my recent comment, above, I'm not. I'm just particular about the way I think the news should be presented- as many of the readers on this blog. When you've had news personalities coming to dinner at your parents' house growing up and they're polished personalities, you learn that's the way the news should be delivered and what you expect to see. Not like a lot of the amateurish personalities we see today, being paid minimum wage to flash their assets!

    Read it and weep Anonymous, you're living in your own blog!

    Mike you have permission to edit my comment. Thank you for the opportunity to express myself and I apologize if I was rude toward you in any way. It wasn't mean that way.


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