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Monday, March 16, 2015

Sam Malone does radio & video production with 512 New Media

Houston radio legend Sam Malone opens up 512 New Media

Sam Malone
Sam Malone
Being a morning radio talk show host on AM 1070 The Answer KNTH isn't enough for Sam Malone.

The former president of new media for Phonoscope Cable is jumping back into the video world with 512 New Media.

It's a TV/Video production company with a diverse groups of clients ranging from energy companies to energy drinks.

Malone wrote me the history of how the new venture came to be:

"I actually got started making web videos/commercials for clients in '06. A car dealer in Houston had an under performing dealership in another state. We were brainstorming about campaigns. I suggested a funny web video. He said. "OK...can you shoot it?". I said, "Of course". I had to run out and BUY a video camera. Boarded the jet. Shot the video. It was hilarious. Then I was hired to create the web video for a product line by Wolfgang Puck. Flew out to LA for 4 days with a cameraman. And then it just snowballed. I left radio a few years ago and became President of New Media for Phonoscope Cable. Created TV commercials and web videos all day. Then I decided to raise money from investors and open my own company. 512 New Media is barely 6 months old! We actually stream out the video portion of the radio show from the studio in City Center. Then at 10am, the studio switches to commercial projects. The desk and set are on wheels!"

We all agree that the future of radio is combining it with video and all it's platforms & delivery systems. Unfortunately, so many radio companies are teetering on financial ruin that they don't have the capital to make that necessary investment. We must get our radio/video content to smart phones and tablets to remain relevant and profitable. That's why I opened my own media production company/broadcast facility. And I'd be happy to share my knowledge about this with any radio brethren brave enough to make the move :)

At 512, Malone is also joined by Lance Roberts. Roberts is known for his radio hosting, Fox 26 KRIV's 'Wake Up Money,' and numerous appearances on CNBC/Fox Business.

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