Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Fox 26 KRIV's 'Wake Up Money' seems to be sleeping in

Long running Fox 26 KRIV segment "Wake Up Money" is MIA

Someone seems to have turned off the alarm clock on Fox 26 KRIV's "Wake Up Money."

The segment which has been running five days a week for about seven years on the Fox owned and operated station's morning newscast featured Houston-area professionals offering viewers financial tips.

I've been getting emails asking me about the segment's whereabouts.  A Fox Television Stations rep told the segment has been taken off the air, and the station is trying new things.

Those professionals who have been on the air include names like:

- Investment strategist and co-portfolio manager Lance Roberts (also host of AM700 KSEV's StreetTalk Live)
- Financial coach and author Charlotte Stallings
- CPA Bob Martin
- Money manager and author Richard Rosso
- Realtor Chris Schilling

You can watch old Wake Up Money segments here.


  1. It was my favorite segment on Fox 26 Morning News. I looked forward to getting Intelligent and practical financial advice from some of Houston's top professionals. Unfortunately they have replaced the segment with the same stupid and useless YouTube videos that my aunt in the nursing home emails to me. Fox 26, please bring back Wake Up Money.

  2. Another classic case of management of a local TV news department underestimating the intelligence of the morning audience. Dumbing down the content will only accelerate the demise of local TV news.

  3. I liked that segment. They still have Bob Martin on though, I always find his info useful.

  4. Charlotte Stallings is network quality on a local TV station. I miss her segments. My daughter and I watcher her. Fox 26 please bring her back.

  5. Lance Roberts is the best. I listen to him on the radio and have seen him of Fox Business Channel. Please bring him back to Fox 26 in the mornings.

  6. Rich Rosso knows what young professionals are going through financially. Please give him a spot for regular interviews.

  7. Chris Schilling save my you know what on a real estate transaction base on a segment that he did. Please keep him on Fox 26.

  8. Elder care attorney Christina Lesher gives great advice that has helped me deal with my dying mother and limited financial resources. Please bring her back. Thanks.

  9. I liked all of the Wake Up Money people including John Bott who has not been on for a while. Please bring back intelligent financial discussion to Houston TV in the mornings.

  10. When I moved to Houston I was 50K in debt, homeless and sporting a mullet. One early morning as I was about to leave the Star of Hope, I watched the Wake Up Money segment. It was about 401k's and diversifing assets. It got me thinking about the future and how selling plasma was probably not the best way to earn money. That morning I passed the Subway near the County Admin. building. There was a Help wanted sign. I applied, cut my hair, and started saving. I got my own place and set up a debt ladder. Not too long after a lawyer from a near by firm who had been getting subs for weeks noticed how hard I was working and asked if I thought I could handle running documents. I said yes and right away became a courier. Now that I had a better income I was able to invest in stocks. I worked with a guy from Fidelity and kept watching Wake Up Money for advice. Lance called the downturn and Bob was spot on come tax time. Bottom line the segment saved me financially. Today I am debt free, I live in West U and own 3 businesses. Fox 26, I will NEVER watch you again. Idiots.

    1. Don't give up on Fox 26. I've seen a couple of the Wake Up Money personalities in segments later in the morning. Even if you can't catch them live, you usually can see them on the internet. Just go to and use the search function to either search by the contributor’s name or you can search by financial topics. Fox example you can search “Lance Robert" and the links to his interviews will come up. Or you can search topics such as "income tax returns" and you will see the links to helpful information. The advantage of these interviews being on the internet is that you can see them when you want and you can see them more than once and share them with your friends. Hang in there, I'm sure that your favorite money people will be back on TV and the internet in one form or another.

  11. Or you can watch Channel 13 since they now use Bob Martin aka "Accountant to the Stars" from Fox 26!


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