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Monday, March 02, 2015

Rebecca Spera becomes abc13 KTRK afternoon traffic anchor

Rebecca Spera stays with KTRK abc13 and becomes afternoon traffic anchor

Rebecca Spera
Rebecca Spera
KTRK abc13 has named Rebecca Spera its new afternoon traffic anchor.

The Live Well Network was supposed to sign-off in January, but still is plugging along with re-runs. With the network's current state of limbo, TV folks wondered what the former Houston-based Mirror/Mirror host Spera would do next.

As of late, Spera has been working in the KTRK news department as a special projects reporter. However, after the retirement of Don Nelson, we get this new development.

Someone wrote in my comments section that Spera's bio was changed in late February (last week) to say that in March, she became the abc13 traffic anchor.

KTRK bios must be like a look into the future. And in all fairness, Spera has worked for a show titled Mirror/Mirror, so with a little Disney magic (the owner of KTRK and Live Well) I can ask, "Mirror/Mirror on the wall, who is the most afternoon traffic anchor of them all?"

You might remember that Spera earned her stripes in traffic many moons ago filling in for the before mentioned Nelson while he was out for shoulder surgery.

I wouldn't expect Spera to start on afternoons anytime soon, because I hear she has her own upcoming wedding and honeymoon to attend first!

As far as Nelson's actual replacement, everyone has guessed that Katherine Whaley is that person.

By the way, I'm still waiting for an answer from that mirror. Someone bring me pixie dust, stat!


  1. Mike, I'm letting you know that Malini Basu has left KHOU 11 for Boston.

  2. See this website:

  3. I expect big things for Spera in the future at 13. I'm betting they move her to an expanded role in the mornings to combat sluggish ratings.

  4. Mike, when are you going to do a story on the once mighty KTRK tanking faster than the Titanic?

  5. I hope she continues doing the special assignments as well, she's done some pretty interesting stories.

  6. From Henry Florsheim at Channel 13: "We are the most-watched news station in the market, and we are the most watched from signon to signoff.

    "We still think that news coverage matters. We think that the station that covers the news really well is going to do well, and that is our primary mission. We continue to live in a world of increasing viewer control, which is fine. Our job is to provide the product that the viewer wants on the platform they want when they want to consume it."

  7. If KTRK is so great you need to get rid of the deals lady. Pushing people to do stuff none of you at the station would do. I find it very condescending to viewers. It's not news and she's not even a good reader of the other stories you give her to read.

  8. All I can think of is how saying "jam cam" seems beyond her capabilities.


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