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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Steve Fixx rocks the energy world

Former 93.7 The Arrow and Rock 101 KLOL DJ Steve Fixx leaves radio world

We seem to be losing a lot of Houston media members to the PR world. The latest is longtime Houston radio rocker Steve Fixx.

Fixx started at 101 KLOL in 1996 and was on the air through the end of 2013 on 93.7 The Arrow KKRW (he also served as program director for the Clear Channel IHeartRadio station).

You might remember Fixx had a soundbite that yelled his last name when he came on the mic. I had to ask him, where did that come from?

"I was working in Austin (98.9 KUTZ) and a co-worker, Sharkmann, would jokingly yell my first name when I came on his show," Fixx told "I wanted to uniquely define myself when I got to KLOL, so I asked our talented imaging person, Victor Lisle, to create the audio piece you've heard since where he yells 'Fixx!' It ended up being my on-air signature as well as a rim shot for horrible jokes."

Well, Fixx has given up the microphone to be Senior Manager of Internal Communications at Direct Energy.

"I coach our senior executives to be effective communicators and help our employees get important messages," Fixx said. "Plus, I go up to people and force them to listen to Bob Seger’s ‘Old Time Rock and Roll' every hour whether they want to or not. So, not much has changed."

Fixx says he had been considering a move to the energy business for quite some time.

“Being part of Houston radio was 14 of the best years of my career, the only problem is I did it for 16,” joked Steve. “All kidding aside, I had a lot of great and memorable experiences. I got to meet and sing with my favorite band, ‘The Police,’ interview everyone from Bill Cosby to Ozzy Osbourne and work with and manage some outstanding people. However, what I might value most of all is each person in the Houston area who took the time to listen. It’s hugely flattering when people say they like something you did or you made them laugh.”

Jumping from the media to corporate communications is a big topic for readers of the blog. Fixx says value the skills you've been developing throughout your media career.

"I am very happy where I am now and I love the people I work with,” says Steve. “A lot of those in the media don't realize how valuable their skill set is. While communication techniques might come naturally to them, that's not the case for a lot of people in other industries. A great idea isn't worth much if others don’t understand what you’re talking about. Simply put, people need help getting their point across and media and digital people know how.”

You can find Fixx on most social media accounts with his on-air name. You can also email him at stevefixx [@]

"I'm happy to take your questions and compliments," Fixx said. "However, I'm not accepting any complaints until early 2024.”

In the last few months in Houston alone, we've seen KPRC 2's Mary Benton and Amanda Perez leave for the other side. KTRK abc13 special projects producer Justin Sternberg even joined Fixx in an Internal Communications role at Direct Energy.


  1. Steve Fixx seems like a nice guy, but communicating on the radio is different from communicating in real life and the corporate world. Most radio can't do it and are not educated, so they will have a hard time getting this job, or if they are educated, will not be given the chance, because they have only don radio. I'm pretty sure he knew someone, or worked with someone from there and that's how he got it. I doubt he saw their ad, sent in a CV and boom he got the job.

  2. I never liked that guy. He always came across like a corporate kiss ass. Good riddance.


  4. I agree he probably knew someone or is really educated. He seems smart so I would guess a combination of both? Either way, good on him. We miss you fixxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!

  5. I was wondering what happened to him!!! Good for you, brother.


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