Tuesday, September 30, 2014

KIAH & KDAF to lay off master control staffs

KIAH 39 Houston and KDAF 33 DFW to hub master control out of Denver

In what is becoming a trend in the broadcast industry, I got a tip that KIAH 39 Houston and KDAF 33 Dallas-Fort Worth are laying off master control staffs.

The tip added Tribune Media is apparently outsourcing its master control duties to a hub out of Denver.

Well, a Tribune station representative confirms to mikemcguff.com this is all true.

 The transition will begin in November.

- KTRK and ABC stations to start central master control hub
- KHOU 11 experiences layoffs


  1. I can't wait to see all of the errors that having a controller a thousand miles away will cause! Get ready, Youtube!

  2. I've worked for stations with remote MC hubs and it's really not that big of a deal.
    Essentially the station's programming will be run from Denver, the signal sent as-is down fiber to Houston, and then transmitted out of the local tower.
    All they'll have to do on the Houston end is keep the equipment running.

    The only real solid potential for error is switching between the hub and local live programming, but that's really not much of an issue for these stations.

  3. I understand all major news stations in Houston are now or in the process of doing this remote master control operations, most don't even do graphics in house. I remember when local stations shot (filmed) most of the local spots they aired. I bet in 10 years or less local stations will be on cable and not even broadcasting.

  4. I can't see local TV stations going away anytime soon.

  5. Oh, CD, I certainly can. When internet providers start giving users real speedy up & downloads that will handle the 4K video without buffering, and with the "incentive auction" coming up from the FCC to swap broadcasting bandwidth for broadband usage, I'll bet we will start to see TV stations wanting to get rid of all of the transmitters and electric bills that go with them.

  6. But some people just love their local TV stations though.

  7. That's a lot of families going without a paycheck. A friend in Dallas in his 60's is not relishing jobhunting after a quarter century service.


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