Wednesday, July 23, 2014

KTRK and ABC stations to start central master control hub

Following the NBC stations lead, ABC will hub master control operations

Alleged MIA management aside, sources at KTRK abc13 tell me the station's master control department is going the way of outsourced automation.

The staff announcement yesterday noted KTRK and other Disney ABC Television Group owned stations (like WABC, KABC, WLS, WPVI...etc.), will outsource master control operations to Encompass Digital Media, Inc. in Atlanta.

The NBC owned and operated stations started doing the same with Encompass back in 2011.

The change is expected to start in September along with a rumored ABC O&O traffic department hub in Philadelphia.

No word on how many jobs will be cut at the local stations as a result.

KTRK abc13 news director Dave Strickland resigns


  1. Wondering who's going to get the boot at Ch. 13 ?

  2. Oh boy! Even less local control of media.

  3. When will graphics be hubbed?

  4. I can't wait to see all of the flubs this is going to cause!

  5. Actually, NBC O&Os have been hubbed for years (since at least 2008). At first, it was in-house. Since 2011, they hired an outside contractor to save them more $$.

  6. I'm more surprised that ABC hasn't centralized its master control yet. Everyone else seems to have done this already and has for several years... Fox, Gannett, Tribune, Post-Newsweek, and others all run master control away from Houston for some or all of the day. All it means is the commercials run from a file server in a rack in a different state as opposed to running from a file server in a rack in Houston.


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