Wednesday, April 30, 2014

KHOU 11 experiences layoffs

First cuts at KHOU since Gannett took over Belo

I've heard from multiple sources this week that there have been layoffs at KHOU 11.

While I don't have exact numbers, I got word that possibly editors, master control operators, truck engineers, Great Day Houston staffers and the art department have all been affected.

Gannett took over the station after it bought Belo in 2013. I have not seen any mentions in the press of layoffs at other Gannett properties.

I asked KHOU reps for comment last night, but have not heard back. If I get something from the station, I will post it here.

KTRK abc13 just had layoffs last August.

Hearing from multiple people that WFAA in Dallas had layoffs too.

UPDATE 5/1/2014
TVSpy found out that there have been layoffs at other Gannett stations:

“We’re continually taking advantage of new technology to reallocate resources to our journalism and put more feet on the street,” a Gannett spokesperson tells TVSpy. “Occasionally, these efforts result in staffing adjustments.”

UPDATE 5/2/2014
Gary Dinges reports four behind-the-scenes positions have been eliminated at Austin ABC affiliate KVUE.


  1. McGuff, the house cleaning begins.

  2. The same thing is happening at WFAA also taken over by Gannett. According to my sources several directors and behind the scenes folks are gone, positions either eliminated or consolidated with others.

  3. That's Gannett, they use to like a lot of red carpet on news sets and music on everything. I guess now it's just put a computer at every work station and see if it can do a better job. Times never change.

  4. Happens all the time with Clear Channel stations....

  5. kriv is cleaning house also. they just hired more than half a dozen reporters and the word is some of the oldies are on the chop block

    1. Which of the oldies are getting the big boot on Fox 26?

  6. 11 at Wfaa, artists and production, mostly veterans

  7. 4 at kvue in austin, according to the statesman

  8. I was watching the WFAA 10pm newscast last night at at the end of the broadcast the anchors paid tribute to two graphic designers that were "leaving the station". They obviously did not say why but I thought it was surprising that management let the anchors mention anything about anyone leaving on-air.

  9. Jason, The big question is whether KENS-TV CBS 5 San Antonio will start seeing layoffs too.


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