Wednesday, August 21, 2013

KTRK abc13 had job cuts

Disney announces cuts in its Disney/ABC Television Group which owns KTRK - 10 or so Houston employees gone either by layoffs or resignations

News is all over major newspaper and TV industry sites that Disney is having layoffs and The Disney/ABC Television Group, is getting a 2% reduction.

That business segment contains the ABC owned stations which includes KTRK abc13 in Houston.

The news going around is that 175 jobs will be eliminated from that unit. So it is unknown to us how many of those job cuts, if any, will affect KTRK personnel.

“As technological advances continue to alter the competitive landscape and viewer habits, it’s incumbent upon us to stay ahead of the curve,” ABC said in a statement to the press. “To that end, we’ve undergone a review of our organizational structures and processes.”

In the last months, Disney has been moving through units and making cuts in places like ESPN and the movie studio.

The Disney/ABC Television Group includes WABC New York, KABC Los Angeles, WLS Chicago, WPVI Philadelphia, KGO San Francisco, KTRK Houston, WTVD Raleigh-Durham and KFSN Fresno.

Reports say new jobs with different skill requirements could open up as a result.

I have heard of up to 10 people who were cut today or resigned. These were not on-air people. Because they are not in front of the camera types I will not publish names. If any anchors or reporters are cut, I will feature that.

- Disney To Eliminate 175 Jobs At ABC Television Group
- Layoffs expected primarily at ABC Owned Stations
- Disney to cut 175 jobs at ABC TV group
- Disney Said Cutting 2.3% of Positions at ABC TV Division
- Layoffs to hit Disney/ABC TV Group


  1. I guess that exclusive news helicopter is costing ABC a little too much nowadays, huh?

  2. I'm guessing there's going to be some folks losing their jobs in the reporters spots

  3. Any word yet on who, Mike?

  4. What about the KHOU Gannet deal. What's going on with that?

  5. I predict when they do start cutting the on-air staff, and they will, some of the older veterans with six figure salaries who've been there for several decades will be offered retirement severance packages they won't be able to refuse.

  6. I guess there goes the pay for interns you posted on the other day...

  7. It's hard to understand why ABC is having budget downfalls when most ABC O&O are the ratings leader for their markets. I don't think on air personnel will be asked to leave.

  8. Oftentimes in situations like this, it's more insightful who management keeps instead of who they lay off. For example, the news director's hunting buddy gets to stay while the woman who runs the newsroom is shown the door. The guy on the assignment desk who keeps crews ahead of the competition is laid off but an inept executive producer continues to meander around the newsroom.

    These questionable decisions and others further erode employee confidence that this management team knows how to put ABC 13 back on top.

  9. Is this Disney preparing for Obamacare?

  10. No. Disney isn't preparing for Obamacare, They're getting ready to sell the local stations.

    1. If it's not The Affordable Healthcare Act than by your logic, Disney will sell off ESPN, interactive and the movie studio since all those units also recently had cuts.

    2. And by your logic, if it IS the Affordable Healthcare Act then why isn't EVERY major company laying off large numbers of people?

      Now let's move politics aside and get back to reality.

      First, Disney would never sell ESPN. It's a cash cow. ESPN profits are in the BILLIONS and growing while Local TV is in the millions and falling. Read it:

      The interactive business has changed. It's cheaper for Disney to hire outside firms to create games for them. The new game Disney Infinity was developed by Avalanche Software, not Disney Interactive.

      There are almost 200 affiliates sending money to the mother ship every year to pay for entertainment and news content. And those stations in turn provide content for the news division. Disney doesn't need to own the local stations to make money from them.

      Here's the truth. How did Disney stock respond when it was announced they were laying off 2% of workforce in the local TV group? The stock is flat or falling slightly, depending on how you spin it. And that's because DATG is an inconsequential piece of the whole company.


      That was a quick search on Google News.

    4. UPS to cut employees’ working spouses from its health plans

      Wash.-based health care system to cut 500 jobs

  11. Here you go, Dude:


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