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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

950 KPRC schedule changes 2014

New 950 KPRC schedule for April 2014 - with Joe Pags back in Houston and Michael Berry returning to KPRC

On the heels of schedule changes at 790 KBME, 950 KPRC announced via Facebook that it is also slightly shuffling its lineup.

Here is the new 950 KPRC schedule for April 2014:
Walton and Johnson 5:30a-10a
Glenn Beck 10a-Noon
Michael Berry on Noon-2p
Matt Patrick 2p-5p
Joe Pags 5p-8p
Outlaw Dave 8p-10p

The new schedule goes into effect Monday, April 28th.

This means that both Michael Berry and Joe Pags return to the big 9-5-0 after an absence. Pags was taken off the 950 morning show last year in April. Outlaw Dave moves to a later time slot again. So where does that leave former nooner Michael Garfield aka "The High Tech Texan?"

The station is quick to point out that Garfield is sticking with his technology based weekend show. As mentioned in the tweet, Garf has been around the station for a long time. He also has a Sunday show called ""

I hear that Garf might be expanding his radio empire sooner than later. As I've written before, Garfield is the technology correspondent for North Texas powerhouse WFAA (KHOU 11's DFW Gannett sister station).

Heck, I'm just waiting on Garf to return to TV with James Franco!


  1. Eh, not sure I'll listen to 950 much longer. Don't need to hear more Berry or whiny Patrick. It was refreshing to hear non-political chat during the daytime on MG's show. He's like an institution here. He's probably happy he's going back to his sweet spot. Good for him as he expands to other cities. How long has Outlaw Dave been on Houston radio?

  2. hi,
    i like 950 KPRC
    awesome, thanks...

  3. Andy Dean has the best show anywhere on the radio. Now he's gone. And that awful Joe Pags is back? Sheeesh, all he does is yell about abortion and holler over any caller who doesn't agree with him. Bad move, KPRC.

  4. So, who's taking Berry's spot on KTRH 8 to 11?

  5. Time to dump Matt Patrick. Does anybody really like listening to Michael Garfield talk about HD TV's and other generic stuff? Ultimate 950 line-up has Walton and Johnson, Michael Berry, Michael Savage, Joe Pags, Dennis Miller and Outlaw Dave. Could care less about Glenn Beck.


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