Friday, February 21, 2014

Vicente Arenas jumps to CBS News from KHOU

KHOU 11 weekend anchor Vicente Arenas to CBS News Miami

UPDATE Sep. 14, 2015
Vicente Arenas Out at CBS News

KHOU 11 weekend anchor Vicente Arenas is heading off to CBS News Miami as a national correspondent. Arenas will be the first KHOU reporter to go straight to CBS News as a national correspondent since Dan Rather according to an internal memo sent to the KHOU newsroom by news director Philip Bruce that was obtained by

Vicente Arenas
Vicente Arenas
Vicente Arenas has done so many great things for KHOU. As weekend anchor, his affection for and knowledge of Houston is a key reason why we typically dominate the ratings each Saturday and Sunday. As a reporter, he brings not only years of experience but respect and empathy for the people he covers. And as a community ambassador for KHOU, Vicente represents us in a way that always builds bridges and reflects the very best qualities we have to offer those we serve.

Beyond all that, Vicente is a true gentleman, a good soul and a friend. Which makes it so hard to say goodbye.

One week from today, Vicente leaves KHOU to start a great new adventure---as the Miami based national correspondent for CBS News. This is a huge opportunity and guarantees that Vicente will have a front row seat to history, in Cuba, Central and South America and across the US.

We are so proud of Vicente and so happy that he’ll still be in the family, reporting on the CBS Evening News and all the network’s news broadcasts.

KHOU and our old Belo Family have a legacy of producing great network talent—that includes the guy in the big chair at CBS, Scott Pelley. We’re proud of Anna Werner, our former I-Team reporter, who’s now a national correspondent at CBS News; of Gabe Gutierrez, Janet Shamlian and Charles Hadlock (all at NBC News) and Mark Greenblatt (who went to ABC).

But there’s something very special about KHOU’s connection to CBS. We have many KHOU alums working there now behind the scenes. And now Vicente joins the ranks.

Here’s an interesting fact---Vicente Arenas is the first KHOU reporter to go directly to CBS News as a national correspondent since Dan Rather.

He’s not gone yet---and even though the news director typically is the last to know anything about what’s happening in the newsroom, I’m betting there’ll be a party.

Congratulations Vicente!

According to his bio, Arenas joined KHOU 11 News in January 2003 as a weekend anchor and weekday reporter. He previously worked at WOAI in San Antonio as the weekday morning anchor/consumer reporter and as a reporter for KTRK abc13.

Arenas, an award winning journalist, graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Journalism.

TVSpy reports Arenas starts his new gig with CBS March 17.

- Irika Sargent to leave KPRC weekends for WFOR Miami
- Adela Uchida gone from abc13 KTRK weekends


  1. McGuff, when is Arenas' last newscast on KHOU ?

  2. I would've thought that 10 years at a local station, plus the other time at the other two stations, would've meant that a jump to the network was not possible.

    So what's the usual timeline of a local reporter going to a network? thanks.

    1. This just proves that in broadcasting nothing is predictable.

  3. Hey Mike McGuff, why are all the weekend evening anchors leaving this year?

    1. I've been wondering that as well.

      Adela Uchida of KTRK 13: gone

      Vicente Arenas of KHOU : gone

      Irika Sargent of KPRC : leaving April 29th

  4. I am happy for him, for I lived in San Antonio when he worked there. He will, however, find out quick that Miami is NOT San Antonio, Houston or remotely close to Texas culture. God forbid if you ask for Mexican food! When I was there, everything was black beans and Cuban food. Because he is a Hispanic, it is good for him to see how other Hispanics live outside of the Mexican American culture. I could not adjust because I did not have to stay like he does. Getting this opportunity is big and is a once in a life time thing.


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