Monday, December 23, 2013

Jacqueline Crea joins KHOU from KTSM El Paso

Weekend anchor Jacqueline Crea moves from KTSM El Paso to KHOU Houston as reporter

Jacqueline Crea
Jacqueline Crea
Jacqueline Crea jumps 81 markets from weekend anchor at El Paso's KTSM to Houston's KHOU 11 as a reporter (see video below).

 This and other news is my Christmas present to you. Lots of readers have been asking when I'm going to post again, so I thought I would gift wrap this news for you before the blog starts back up.

There has been lots of Houston media news still going on while I've been taking a break and I'm still putting it all on Twitter and Facebook so start following me there for all the action. Now back to the post.

"I am thrilled and cannot wait to start," Crea posted on Twitter.

According to her bio, Crea was born in Los Angeles and graduated from the University of California in San Diego. Instead of getting an agent at that time, Crea actually worked for one at Creative Artists Agency (CAA). She also worked as a freelance writer at KNSD San Diego before heading to KTSM.

She credits watching local news as a child with creating her passion for journalism.

Crea left KTSM last Tuesday and starts at KHOU in mid-January.

KTSM is a special station for me because my favorite meteorologist Mark Mathis works there, KPRC 2 weekend anchor Phillip Mena came from there and former KPRC 2 morning anchor Dan O'Rourke just worked there.

Now for those who aren't following me on social media, Josh Innes has left Houston, Atom Smasher is returning to Houston and the Dallas Morning News dumped WFAA for KXAS. Time to hit me up on Twitter and Facebook to get the news as it happens! If you want to just get my blog posts, like my Facebook page.

Also another update, to the person who is asking where Fox 26 KRIV's Ford Atkinson has been, Fox Television Stations tells me he is on vacation.


  1. Too bad KHOU hires all these pretty people to read a screen and what do they get in return? ZERO rateings.NO wonder BELO always sucked!

  2. Innes was a waste and a pervert. Good riddance.
    Welcome to Ms. Crea -- she appears intelligent, competent and is a natural beauty and not a surgery freak like most Houston nags. Let's hope this is a trend for things to come and for nags to soon be fired up and down the dial.

    1. I remember the days when a natural beauty was someone that did not wear makeup and looked good. I guess now it's someone that does not have too much plastic surgery?

  3. I wish that Phil Mena would go back to EP. I'm sure he's a great guy, but he is WAY too weak for a top 10 market.

  4. The news managers don't care about talent/skills, Scott. They care about $$$$. And most of the new hires at ALL the local stations come from markets where they made $30k, if they were lucky. The big bosses gotta come in under budget if they want their bonuses.

  5. Mamasita! She's hot!!