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Monday, December 09, 2013

Chris Stipes returns to Fox 26 with new co-anchor Rita Garcia

Take a deep breath everyone, Chris Stipes returns to Fox 26 KRIV for debut show with Rita Garcia

 photo stipesgarcia_zps55c1f58a.jpg

Beardless Fox 26 KRIV anchor Chris Stipes returned to the airwaves today after his paternity leave, and for the first time, read the news with newly named co-anchor Rita Garcia.

The above photo was taken from the beginning of the 6am show when Stipes told the audience he had been gone for a while. His fellow KRIV-ers told Stipes how glad they were to have him back and meteorologist Mike Iscovitz advised Stipes, if burping his newborn while still wearing his anchor clothes, to please use a burb rag.

I had people emailing in panic mode that Stipes wasn't returning since he cleaned out his desk before his baby leave time.

"Yes indeed, I did clear out my desk because I hadn't really cleaned it in about seven years," Stipes told in November. "I wanted it to be nice and spotless when I return from paternity leave several weeks from now!"

To be honest, I can see the cause for their concern. Stipes' co-anchor Natalie Bomke took a ride on the Windy City express to WFLD Chicago, followed by morning show movie man Jake Hamilton. Then longtime reporter Ned Hibberd dropped his reporter's mic to become the assistant news director at WJZY-WMYT Fox Charlotte. Who is next?

Bur for now, everyone can take their chill pill since Stipes and Garcia have been on the air in their debut show together.

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