Thursday, August 29, 2013

KPRC crawl suffers from bad timing

Some stories and news crawls don't mix well

 photo kprccrawl_zpsfa125409.jpg

This KPRC 2 newscast image has been making the rounds on social media and email. As you can see above, the CG title reads "Teacher Facing Child Porn Charges." Under that, the crawl, which runs through the newscast, just happened to stop on "HAVE A GREAT WEEK AT SCHOOL!"


You can actually watch the video for yourself here.

Thanks to CNN and other cable channels, local news embraced the crawl years ago. This goes beyond what KPRC does, but I've never been a fan of any local news crawls. The cable channels generally have decent info - in my opinion the locals - not so much.


  1. It was just an OOPS! And Channel 2 , should be used to those "oops" by now? And why is 13 spilitting up thier 6pm Newscasts? That's kinda odd, because they have been doing hour long 6pm newscasts since 1984 or

  2. Par for the course for KRAP 2 and their 16 year old producers, 13 year old social media team members, and 80 year old anchors.

  3. You might be right but there are some really dumb people in charge of a couple Houston stations. That is why you see a constant stream of stupidity (tweets!)crawling across the screen.


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