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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

News 92 FM and Yahoo Sports Radio 1560 team up

News 92 FM KROI and Yahoo Sports Radio 1560 KGOW to Exchange News and Sports Updates

In a joint announcement today, Radio One Regional Vice President Doug Abernethy and David Gow, Chief Executive Officer of Gow Media, unveiled a “content exchange” agreement between News 92 FM (KROI-FM/Houston) and Yahoo Sports Radio 1560 (KGOWAM/Houston).

Beginning in early August of 2013, News 92 FM reporters will provide hourly, short form news updates to Yahoo Sports Radio 1560, initially for use on nights and weekends, and ramping up to a full broadcast schedule shortly thereafter. In like manner, Yahoo Sports Radio 1560 reporters will provide sports updates and actualities twice per hour for integration into the News 92 FM broadcast clock between 7:00 PM and midnight daily, and from 6:00 AM to noon on weekends.

The idea of shared content sprang from a discussion between Abernethy and Gow in June of this year, and the idea quickly took shape.

“Research suggests that news and sports stations have shared listener bases,” observes Abernethy, “so this makes sense for both stations. We have the best newsgathering and reporting resources in the city, and Yahoo Sports Radio 1560 enjoys an equivalent reputation in the world of sports. We’re leveraging our respective strengths so that the News 92 FM listener can get a quick sports update from Yahoo Radio 1560, and their listeners can get top flight news from News 92 FM.”

David Gow shares Abernethy’s enthusiasm for the new affiliation.

“News 92 FM has an excellent team of news reporters. We think this is a chance to offer a high quality, dependable news product to our listener base and keep them at our station longer,” says Gow. “We are also excited to offer our sports updates to listeners at News 92 FM. Our plan is to make Yahoo Sports Radio 1560 their destination when they want to hear more about what is going on in the world of sports. “

According to Doug Abernethy and David Gow, this new arrangement will not affect staffing levels at either station.

KHOU and News 92 FM team up in coverage

(This post was taken from a release sent to me by News 92 FM)


  1. So I won't get to hear Jorge Vargas in the morning and Craig Roberts in the evening? If that's the case, that would definitely suck.

    1. The release says there will be no change in staffing levels.

  2. It's usually what the release doesn't say that worries me the most. What's supposed to happen to weather folks at 92FM after KHOU takes over? All this cross pollination may create an ugly mutant child.

  3. The sports partnership will give the evening and weekend newscasts on KROI a better sense of immediacy. Currently, the news anchors update scores and the sportscasts are previously taped ones from earlier in the afternoon. So, I totally understand the "integration into the News 92 FM broadcast clock between 7:00 PM and midnight daily, and from 6:00 AM to noon on weekends." Makes total sense. Vargas and Roberts will remain.


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