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Friday, July 26, 2013

KHOU and News 92 FM team up in coverage

KHOU 11 becomes exclusive weather provider for News 92 FM

KHOU 11, Houston’s CBS affiliate, and News 92 FM, Houston’s 24-hour all news station, announced a new partnership today naming KHOU 11 the official weather service provider for News 92 FM beginning Monday, August 5.

“Why compete with the best when you can team up with the best? KHOU 11 has built a stellar reputation as a local weather leader in Houston and we are thrilled to welcome KHOU 11 and their outstanding meteorologists to join our 24-hour News 92 FM team to provide our audience the best, most accurate, up to the minute weather coverage,” said Doug Abernethy, Radio One Regional Vice President.

“Local weather has been a hallmark of the KHOU 11 brand for 60 years,” said Susan McEldoon, KHOU 11 President and General Manager. “The partnership with News 92 is another step forward in providing high quality weather coverage to consumers at times of the day when watching TV may not be convenient. We
recognize that consumers have many choices and this partnership gives them another opportunity to get weather news and information from Houston’s leading team of meteorologists.”

Through the partnership, KHOU 11 Chief Meteorologist David Paul and Meteorologists Brooks Garner, Mario Gomez and Chita Johnson will provide weather updates and forecasts throughout the day, continuing the News 92 FM “Weather on the Nines” format with updates every 10 minutes each hour.

Weather forecasts from KHOU 11 will also be updated on the News 92 FM website, and the KHOU 11 weather team will be available to News 92 FM listeners during severe weather events, when local updates and experience with Gulf Coast weather matter most.

“Houston is my hometown. I grew up watching this area’s weather and I know how important a day’s forecast is to my own family now,” said David Paul, KHOU 11 Chief Meteorologist. “Whether it’s soccer practice, the commute to work, or walking the dog, the weather dictates a lot in our daily lives. Our commitment is to provide the most accurate information to help people prepare for their day, every day.”

(This post was taken from a release sent to me by KHOU)


  1. Maybe KHOU was the best at Weather in the Dr. Neil Frank years, but KPRC has been tops for some time now.

  2. ABC news and CBS weather. What's next- NBC Sports? May as well make it a well rounded Houston venture.

  3. Great, we get to hear the same pre-recorded KHOU weather report over and over again.

  4. What will happen to the meteorologists that News 92 FM had? Do they still give updates or is it solely KHOU now?

    1. As far as I know, they used the weather channel or accuweather before, so they will just stop paying for that service. No one loses jobs over it.

  5. Major downpour over the South Loop this morning, and Mario Gomez is talking about showers along the coast. Recorded weather segments are a stupid idea. At least AccuWeather had live weather reports.

  6. I much preferred the AccuWeather reports since they were live.


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