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Friday, May 24, 2013

May sweeps 2013 results for Houston and other Texas markets

May 2013 sweeps are over and results for Texas have started to come in as you have probably seen on this blog starting yesterday.

I'm very glad I don't have to pore through the reams of mind numbing numbers. It would be like that college project you blew off until the morning it was due.

In the past, stations just said we are number one at 10pm or 3am (oh, wait, no station has a 3am newscast...yet). But now stations break down ratings by adults 25-54, adults 18-49, weekday, seven day, men, women, left handed people and those who like Fast And Furious 6 vs Hangover 3 (OK, I might of made some of those up).

In Houston, we can see the 5pm and 10pm news numbers broken down by age demos and Univision 45 KXLN claims the number 1 spot on it all. You can also see here that KHOU has moved up since February to win the 10pm in the English speaking TV station world (although KTRK abc13 did win the 10pm in adults 25-54). As for the English speaking TV station world 5pm numbers, KTRK wins both demos, KPRC comes in second, Fox 26 wins the younger demo, and KHOU wins the older demo.

As David Baron joked, "So those are the numbers. Now get ready for the “We’re No 1!!!!” promos." He has a very in-depth and humorous look at the Houston May numbers. Now that you get a sense of how they are broken down, you can see how stations claim to be number one on the same newscasts.

According to Baron, when it comes to morning news, KTRK's historically dominant newscast is at top households wise, but slipping throughout the morning when you break it down by age demos. Fox 26 KRIV sent me morning numbers showing growth.

People have asked me for CW39 KIAH NewsFix numbers, and according to Barron, it has a 0.5 in households and a 0.3 in adults 25-54. I imagine it is doing better in 18-49 but Barron did not have those numbers listed.

Back to the number one promos...don't forget that some stations are now using Nielsen and a new company called Rentrack to get the ratings. That means they can look at which company gives them a higher footing and go with that one.

I have full ratings coverage for Dallas, Houston and San Antonio on my Texas TV sweeps page.

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