Thursday, April 11, 2013

SportsRadio 610 KILT goes live from 6am to 12am

Got word from the folks at SportsRadio 610 KILT that the station will have live programming from 6am to 12am starting next week.

Beginning tonight from 6 to 10pm will be “The Fred and Ted Show." That replaces "The Odd Couple" with Barry Warner and Fred Davis. Ted Johnson has been a KILT fill-in host and has a nationally syndicated show with Josh Innes on CBS Sports Radio.

But don't worry about Warner. Starting Monday from 10pm to 12am, he gets his own "The Barry Warner Show."


  1. Could have called it "Ted N Fred Before Bed". Ted Johnson's been a solid addition, Barry's got great perspective, and Fred just need to quit the habit of repeating everything he says. He's "annoying repeat radio guy". Unfortunately, he's probably the only one who doesn't know it. I'm rooting for him to get over his crutch.

  2. Oh boy!! 18 hours of sophomoric double entendres and man talk radio.

  3. What women will Triglodyte Ted insult now? His misogynistic ass should've been fired - better yet never hired. Innes too.

  4. I like Barry Warner and prefer him over the younger,disrespectful crew with all of their abundance of "almost" curse words. Hope he's not received his walking papers. If so, goodbye 610!

  5. Barry Warner is the single most dishonest journalist I have ever heard. Seems like he may have received his walking papers from 610, and not a moment too soon. If I never have to hear that suck-up talk about "Kubes" or "Goldilocks" again, it will be way too soon. I've never met anybody that enjoyed listening to his juvenile and dishonest blather. Hopefully 610 got that message loud and clear.


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