Thursday, March 21, 2013

Eric King jumps to KXAS from WLKY

Eric King joins KXAS NBC 5 DFW from WLKY Louisville, Ky

Eric King
Eric King
Eric King is a new face on NBC 5 KXAS in Dallas-Fort Worth. He started reporting at the NBC owned station last week.

"I set a goal when I was 6, and here I am," King said on his Facebook page.

King just arrived from WLKY Louisville, Kentucky where he was a noon anchor and a reporter since 2009. He is also from the area.

According to his bio, King's first on air job was as the 10pm anchor for NBC Montana in Bozeman. After that he landed at a station in Jackson, Mississippi and then onto a station in Memphis, Tennessee. He graduated from the University of Louisville.

Clearly King is ready to do some reporting from around the world. His bio says he is fluent in French and working on Russian and Portuguese. Hear that NBC network types?


  1. Eric King needs to see a dentist if I am to continue watching KXAS news.

    1. never saw anything wrong with his teeth, quit hating. I'm sure if you stop watching KXAS News it won't make a difference' So get a life!!!

  2. That's just mean and hateful, "anonymous." Eric has done a great job here in Louisville, and I'm sorry to see him go. He also happens to be a very good looking man, just as he is.

  3. There's nothing wrong with Eric's teeth, he has one tooth that needs a cap that's all. I bet he will have that fixed as soon as he can get time off.


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