Friday, February 01, 2013

KXAS 5 removes offensive post

NBC 5 KXAS DFW creates controversy with Facebook post

KXAX 5 in Dallas - Fort Worth caused a bit of controversy with a post on Facebook earlier this morning. Here is a screen capture via a friend of mine in DFW:

The station later removed the post and then posted the following, "We have removed the previous post to our Facebook page that many of you felt was insensitive, we apologize for the error in judgment."

The reactions are mixed in the post's comments sections. There are those that are offended and then those that say get over it.

What do you think? Was the station just trying to get attention by being provocative? Did the post go over the line? Or has society gone so politically correct that almost anything pushing the envelope is offensive now?

(Thanks Chris S.)


  1. While just about anything will be called PIC by someone, I'm guessing more than just a few would consider this PIC, insensitive, or just plain tacky.

    Was the person that normally posts off-hours headlines sick that day, so a tech or intern filled in?

  2. Or, Mikey, have we all gone so politically numb that almost anything is no longer pushing the envelope because it's now consider non-offensive, due to society's growing insensitivity from what's now common place?

  3. Is KXAS the new Gawker? Might get a lot of readers.

  4. I think Susan Tully may have had the loudest gasp I have ever heard in the newsroom in my long tenure here when the post appeared.

    1. at first I thought that was one of the Engineering folks farting. those guys can smell after a long day of working.

  5. KXAS 5 in Dallas removed the post in question, citing 'insensitive'. There is a "comfort-zone" or genre of parody in the media, this we know -- but the author was 'insensitive'.

    Mike: therefore I believe it is "over the line."

  6. I think it was offensive. If they can't report the news without making light about someone being shot, then they need to quit. I can't imagine a professional on-air anchor making that mistake. Doing what's right and doing what'll get you a lot of clicks are two different things - but an ethical social media manager/director will know which is which.

  7. Im sorry but i dont see anything wrong with that post. At first i thought it was a swear word or a racial slur but nothing of that matter. Or am i just one person with thick skin???

  8. Newsfix should hire whoever wrote the posting.

  9. It's not that the post was intentionally insensitive. I think it's more likely that whomever posted it was just following guidelines that have been drilled into them over and over again: "Always post a call to action!" "Always ask a question!"

    Sometimes, a story is terrible enough that asking for some kind of interaction isn't necessary because people will click through to read the details anyway.

    A little common sense goes a LONG way.


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