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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Houston TV anchors' changing hairdos

Big time, public relations professional Shirley Barr has noticed lots of changes in Houston TV anchor hairstyles over the last year.  My answer is...all of the women on Houston TV always look beautiful, no matter the hairstyle (you can tell I'm married with that answer).

Back to Barr's observations, she sent me a list of the changes. With more posts like this, you can call me a future Jonathan Antin or better yet Steven Cojocaru.


Fox 26 KRIV weekend morning anchor Sally MacDonald was a striking brunette, now a honey blonde. (Credit Fox and Shirley Barr)


KTRK 13 Live at Five's Melanie Lawson went with a longer style. (Credit KTRK)


Fox 26 KRIV morning anchor Natalie Bomke was a blonde, now a brunette with highlights. (Credit Fox)


KHOU 11 traffic anchor Katherine Whaley was a classic blonde - now a strawberry blonde. (Credit KHOU)


Fox 26 KRIV food contributor Cleverley Stone wore more up-dos in 2012 - a classy look. By the way, even though 650 KIKK dumped talk for CBS Sports Radio, Stone is still on the station, but now Saturday mornings from 9am to 12pm. Stone is celebrating 10 years of doing food talk on Houston radio, her 7th with CBS Houston. (Credit Fox)


Deborah Duncan went from short hair to Shirley Temple curls in 2012 - granted the first is an old photo. (Credit KHOU)

One person on Houston TV who probably won't be changing hairstyles is KIAH 39 NewsFix's Grego.  No need, he is beautiful the way he is. (Credit KIAH)

We could probably also include KPRC 2's Dominique Sachse who seems to have evolving hairstyles.  This weekend, we saw a channel 2 news promo with Sachse on an old episode of 30 Rock we recorded and my wife said she liked Sachse's hair so much, she might copy it! Dom, call me, who's your stylist? (Credit KPRC)

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  1. Hey Mike McGuff, I think that Bob Allen's last day at KTRK 13 will most likely to be January 18th if the Texans loses to the Patriots?

  2. I would guess he is just staying around until the Texans season is over.

  3. I would like to know who do you think will be changing hairstyles next? My money is on Chita!

    1. My money is on Jeff Ehling. I want him to get a mohawk or at least a fauxhawk.

  4. Deborah Duncan is scary looking!!