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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

KHOU's Katherine Whaley braces for reader questions

Is KHOU 11 morning traffic anchor Katherine Whaley injured? My readers want to know if she's OK.

Inquiring minds want to know -- what's up with KHOU's Katherine Whaley? I noticed Wednesday morning she was sporting a very large brace on her left knee, and then was not on the air this morning. Do you have the scoop?
- Tom

No need to worry, Whaley is A-OK.

“The brace on leg is actually a creative solution to a wardrobe issue," Whaley explained to "I use the knee brace to hold my microphone when there’s no waistband on my dress."

In fact, many times in a TV studio these days, female anchors are wearing these braces on their legs. Fashionable, sleek dresses don't have belts and coats to hide microphone and IFB boxes (the box that connects to the Secret Service like earpiece anchors use to hear producers) like dudes have.

And Whaley was gone for a good reason.

"Just returned from a long weekend trip to Scottsdale, AZ," Whaley told me. "Had a great vacation, but it’s nice to be back in the routine!”

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