Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hot Houston media singles ready to mingle

Friday is allegedly the end of the world according to the media hyped Maya calendar prophecy. It's also when CultureMap's Most Eligible Bachelors and Bachelorettes party is. Connection?

Singles ready to mingle in time for the apocalypse?

Don't worry, Houston media is representing. Some hot Houston TV, radio, print and PR singles are looking for love and cupid might strike faster than a huge ratings spike during sweeps.

Houston TV, radio and print most eligible singles

Taylor Byrne Dodge - My Table Magazine
Al Farb - 93Q KKBQ
Lauren Finklestein - Mix 96.5 KHMX
Lily Jang - KHOU 11
Katie McCall - KTRK 13
Charles Miller - Great Day Houston/KHOU 11
Rebecca Spera - Mirror Mirror/Live Well/KTRK 13

Houston PR most eligible singles

Deborah Elias - event planner
Betsy Ellison - public relations
Travis Harper - PR Newswire
Meg McGuire - PR, Charming Charlie
Kathryn McNiel - political consultant
Kim Padgett - public relations
Todd Ramos - fashion producer
Laura Sussman - public relations
Ashley Wyatt - public relations

There are way more Eligible Bachelors and Bachelorettes who are not media types. For full details of who's hot and where to party with them, click here.


  1. No one from the Chronicle?

  2. What?! No Kathryn or Chita?!! An oversight, or should all available Houston males breathe a deep sigh?

    1. Katherine I think has a boyfriend and as for Chita she's rumored to be with Texans player JJ Watt.

  3. In my world I imagine that Pooja would be single but it wouldn't be for long because we would be an item!! Smarts and looks that one has.

  4. Will Bomke be there? I hear she's single again. Dumped the ego DJ dude. I'll show up shirtless for her.

    1. She's hot herself. Surprised to know she dumped that guy.

  5. Hey Mike, I hear the rumors that the world didn't end today.

  6. Where's Jennifer Reyna?

    1. She's rumored to be with colleague Cerota.

  7. If Nef wasn't leaving, she'd be on this list right?

  8. I thought single women did not exist in Houston.


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