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Friday, October 19, 2012

The 88.7 KUHF NPR drinking game

It's time for the 88.7 KUHF Houston NPR Fall 2012 Membership Campaign. So what did I think to do? Create a KUHF drinking game!

Now I listen to Morning Edition on KUHF, so you might want to take a shot of caffeine (I'll take a shot of Dr Pepper Ten) instead of hard liquor every time you hear one of the following. Now what you do during All Things Considered is up to you!

So take a drink:

When you hear anchor Rod Rice read the news because he's been a consistent source of information in Houston for years.

When David Pitman plays Depeche Mode or Ministry as bed music.

When Ed Mayberry takes over at 9am and plays some Floyd as bed music.

When the Bauer Business Focus comes on. It has good info, but it really signifies...IT'S FRIDAY!

When the voice (I think of Classical 91.7 KUHA's Catherine Lu) reads a sponsorship with a mention of Schlumberger.

When you hear Gail Delaughter file a report but think she should be covering the courts!

When Elizabeth Rose tells us it will take more than an hour to drive in from Katy or The Woodlands.

When Paul Pendergraft brings us the events calendar.

When the space-age music of The Engines of Our Ingenuity starts.

When you hear the 888-909-0887 number to donate during the Fall 2012 Membership Campaign.

You can also donate online here.

The campaign will end Friday, October 26th at start donating! COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here