Thursday, September 20, 2012

790 KBME schedule changes: Lance Z. moves and more

Sportstalk 790 KBME morning team man Lance Zierlein tweeted this morning he was moving to afternoons with Charlie Pallilo.

“The Drive Home with Charlie & Lance” starts Monday 9/24 at 3pm.

That's not the only change. The station tells me it's also adding a Houston Texans post game show to the lineup. It will be hosted by the station's two resident former NFL players Greg Koch and N.D. Kalu. The show goes live the second the Texans game is over each week.

"Fans no longer have to sit through a 30-minute network post game show following the game," Clear Channel AM Operations Manager Bryan Erickson told "They can now sound off on the game on 790 with Greg and N.D. as they’re leaving the stadium."

Here's the rest of the 790 KBME schedule:


6a-10a The Big Show with Matt and Adam
10a-12p In the Trenches with Koch and Kalu
12p-3p Matt Thomas
3p-7p The Drive Home with Charlie and Lance
7p-9p Mighty After Dark

*All programming subject to pre-emption by sports play by play.


  1. Just get rid of Mighty and it's the perfect lineup.

  2. Charlie needed a co-host badly.... and still will.
    There are too many long pauses. I often thought the show went off the air when I was tuning in and then I'd remind myself, no that's just Charlie and his co-host ghost. I do appreciate intelligent sports talk without all the dead space. So now I'll get 50 percent intelligent sports talk, 40 percent Lance talking about himself and 10 percent on football gambling. Lance has a very high opinion of all things "himself". Charlie should have a good time peeling the layer of the banana next to him.

  3. Charlie has a sexy brain.

  4. Hate this. Charlie is great by himself and has an actually intelligent show that talks about SPORTS! Imagine that! This is like pairing Cronkite with someone from TMZ. Pathetic.

  5. I like it. Will probably beat 610 now.

  6. I think it would be cool if 790 had Dylan Gwinn and Matt Thomas partnered together from noon to 3.


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