Wednesday, June 06, 2012

KPRC 2 launches hurricane app

All of the Houston TV stations have apps. Some have additional weather apps. Now KPRC 2 has launched a hurricane app. Apparently that makes the Post-Newsweek station the first in the market to have an app devoted to hurricane coverage.

I'm stealing this line, but from the old days of “tracking maps” to now “tracking apps.”

“We are excited to introduce a revolutionary weather tool to the Houston Market," KPRC digital and broadcast marketing specialist Hector Garcia said. "Designed by our Post Newsweek team the app also provides emergency preparedness and life saving information to millions of Gulf Coast Area residents.”

The app is available for both Android and Apple iOS platforms.


  1. This is more of a me too app, and has little if any benefit. And remember, this social media effort is being done by the station that allowed their two incompetent morning anchors to go a year without posting to their blog.
    Speaking of those dolts, why was Conflenti again yelling and fake laughing while the weather was on? He always does it and he comes across as an ass
    And Reyna was anchoring - she should be doing donut runs and not anchoring.

    1. What a sad lonely person you are....who works at another station obviously.

    2. The only sad lonely people are the handful of viewers Ch 2 has and the lonely horn dogs who get the jollies out of traffic time but can't ever patronize KPRCs sponsors due to living in their parents' attics and being unemployed.

  2. Maybe they can come up with a musical chairs app that can track their employees...they have higher turnover than Taco Bell. 99 percent of the budget goes to Dumbinique Sachse and the rest is divided up between the others. Every time she goes to Europe, some weekend reporter gets replaced with a minimum wage newbie. Ha! Lightning just hit their station...message from above!


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