Friday, May 18, 2012

Angry Stripper Sarah Tressler talks to KHOU 11's Shern-Min Chow

Angry Stripper and former Houston Chronicle reporter Sarah Tressler talks with KHOU 11's Shern-Min Chow in a very revealing interview. And it is very revealing b-roll video too. KHOU has also posted a portion of the raw interview video.

Here is an excerpt of the full text report:

The [Diary of an Angry Stripper] blog will soon be an e-book to be released in June. It details the ups and downs of a stripper’s life.

“People who have weird requests. People who want to rub you down. People who want to suck your feet,” [Sarah Tressler] said.

She is planning a national tour in August, signing books by day and yes, stripping at night. She would be the headline performer. Make no mistake, stripping is a lucrative job. One night she made $2,000.

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  1. Is it me or is she beautiful?

  2. I thought it was agreed the last time you posted about her, that she'd be called the Ugly Stripper, not the Angry Stripper.

  3. Always make sure to give them paper haven't seen an angry stripper until you try to give them four quarters.

  4. Why doesn't the stripper have a segment on Newsfix?

  5. Will her 15 minutes of fame never run out?

  6. She will get a TV talk show.

  7. Still a better news story than Dominque's wedding!


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