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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Angry Stripper Sarah Tressler working for ABC's GMA?

Remember Angry Stripper blogger and former Houston Chronicle reporter Sarah Tressler? Last week she made her national television debut on ABC's Good Morning America and now she is apparently working for them!

Culturemap's Shelby Hodge is on the case:

We heard rumors about the Good Morning America gig earlier today. We tracked it down and can confirm that Tressler has been in Dallas working on the tornado coverage for GMA.

A friend, who has been in contact with Tressler, says that this contract work could possibly lead to a more permanent position with the network. But that shoe has yet to drop. READ THE REST

Good for her.

Now to all of the people I know in the local TV news world who want to work at the network level - call the Men's Club (or any other strip club) in Houston. Ask for a job and you too could be on your way to the TV big leagues (and this has nothing to do with the Tressler case, but also having a politically connected family helps).

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