Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Angry Stripper and Houston Chron reporter going viral and on ABC's GMA

Sarah Tressler on GMA: "I was a stripper/reporter/professor" - the ABC Good Morning America appearance

'Angry Stipper' Sarah Tressler must be the most famous reporter to come out of the Houston Chronicle at this point. The recently revealed stripper and Chronicle society writer has lately been featured in places like ABC News, NY Daily News, Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Gawker and many more. KPRC 2 has also reported on the naked journalist. As TV blogger Randy Tatano wrote, this is not what the old term "stripping the wire" meant...

That's just the beginning though. According to Tressler's AngryStripper Twitter account, she will be on ABC's Good Morning America this Thursday too.

 So if Tressler is now embracing the story and appearing on network television, why has she removed her blog and Facebook account from public view? Maybe much like Clark Kent, another famous reporter who ripped his clothes off to reveal another identity, she just wants the two worlds to remain separate.

However thanks to Google's Kryptonite cache, you can still read her blog. Topics covered range from "An Open Letter to the Drunk Girl Who Won't Get Dressed," "Ten Reasons Strip Clubs Should Have Hand Sanitizer Dispensers" and "The 10-Hour Day Yields an Icky Fetish."

Apparently her blog had lots of fans judging from the comments. One reader even mentioned how he found the blog from a link on Maxim. Since the Chronicle lets just about any reader blog on its site, is it now regretting not putting the Angry Stripper blog in its City Bright's section? Tressler posted often and seemed to attract readers. Beyond that, if Tressler had written about her strip club adventures for the actual Chronicle, maybe that hand sanitizer story could have led to a Pulitzer Prize for the newspaper.

Richard Connelly of the Houston Press, who broke the story, blogs that sources tell him, Tressler, who also used to freelance report for Us magazine, is no longer at the Chronicle (no word about her University of Houston adjunct professor gig). I can imagine that Connelly's readers are throwing dollar bills at him in gratitude for this investigation. And as a reminder to all of the media folks out there, remember what Chris Rock said about the Champagne room. COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here