Thursday, April 05, 2012

KTRK 13 hires Pooja Lodhia from FOX 4 WFTX

KTRK 13 appears to be shaking things up by hiring new reporter Pooja Lodhia from FOX 4 WFTX which covers Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Naples (TV market 62). Why? Well look at the highlight video clips embedded here that WFTX compiled of Lodhia for her last day.

"I've accepted at job reporting for KTRK (ABC) in Houston," Lodhia said on her Facebook page. "I'll be moving closer to my family and getting to experience so many new things."

KTRK is not exactly known as a youthful station in the Houston market. Some of the current on air talent were on the air the day I was born, for example. Lodhia, who arrives with a zany Fox affiliate morning show background, clearly brings in the Generation Y (aka the Millennial Generation) energy to the ABC owned station.

As I watched Lodhia's goodbye clips, I saw her, among other things (click on embedded videos in this post to see these moments and more):
- Say to Harry Potter star Rupert Grint, "I want to get sleazy with Ron Weasley"
- Cage fight another woman
- Shoot her photographer with a fire extinguisher
- Ride an elephant

On her last day, one of the WFTX morning anchors asked Lodhia on air, "Is your [new] news director aware of your extensive martial arts background now?"
The other anchor then answered "Keep those crazy Houstonians at bay." (If that anchor only knew.)

My suspicion is a past channel 13 employee put Lodhia on the radar for his old Houston station. You might remember that former KTRK 13 reporter Patrick Nolan is an anchor at WFTX. To celebrate her Houston departure, Nolan went to the Florida X Factor auditions and got wannabe contestants to sing Lodhia's name (last video embed on this post).

In the video, Nolan then approached Gloria Estefan and asked her to do the same. Estefan replied, "What is that? What does that mean? Are you making me say dirty words in some strange language?"

According to her bio, Lodhia was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and graduated from Emory University in Atlanta with a double major in English and Journalism and a minor in Dance. She went on to work at Eatel News Magazine in Baton Rouge, later landing at Marquette, Michigan NBC affiliate WLUC TV6. Two years later she ended up at WFTX where she has been for the last several years.

Lodhia should be starting at KTRK very soon.

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  1. Wow! Good start KTRK, That means Cynthia Cisneros (who left to become Vice President of Community Affairs for KTRK in January 2012) will be replaced by Pooja Lodhia on April 9th as a general assignment reporter

  2. Pooja is going to be a HUGE asset to KTRK's team. Not only is she zany, but she can also be a hard-nose reporter when she needs to be. They are lucky to have her. (We certainly miss her here at Fox 4.) PS~ I know those "crazy Houstonians"... being one myself. =)

  3. I don't get why they need another one. Seems like half their reporters don't make it on-air as it is, and the other half merely cover crimeblotter stories, live (always live) from the scene where something happened 8 to 12 hours, and sometimes a whole day, earlier.

    Maybe she'll become the permanent "Your Hometown Live" gal.

  4. She seems about as talented and appealing as that Hasty Taghi chick who, in all reality, never should have been in front of a camera.

  5. I've now seen her "reporting" here in Houston. She had a story on free tax help on Saturday. Talk about a monotone voice and no writing ability whatsoever. She should still be in Fort Misery... err.. Myers. She doesn't seem like she has any real experience. They probably picked her up for real cheap, especially from Fort Myers. Perhaps she could have used another stop (in another market), instead of jumping into a top 10 market. But, I place that blame on the ND at KTRK. I'm sure KTRK had plenty of other reels to look at.

  6. Residents of Houston will come to enjoy the reporting of Pooja Lodhia. It has been proven in her last two markets, where several online fan clubs have been created solely to honor Pooja's reporting. I'm one of her biggest fans, and have followed her career ever since her days in Michigan. And she's got RANGE! Before doing some great Live and light features on Fox 4's MORNING SHOW, she was a hard news reporter for the station's evening newscasts. She'd also chase down city commissioners to expose corruption and misdoings in the Fort Myers area. And before Florida, she was a lead reporter at WLUC. On one particular story, where 3 teens were shot and killed, she worked throughout the night bringing updates to viewers. So before making an premature judgement on Ms. Lodhia, know this: For everyone one hater there are 100 fans of Pooja. That's because she rocks as a reporter.

  7. Tom, you don't know the Houston TV market. This is the major league. KTRK is the New York Yankees of this market. WFTX is an afterthought in Fort Myers (especially compared to WINK)from what I read. She was hired to do general news here in Houston. KTRK already has its doberman pincher to go after those politicians in power (it would be nice if he could expose HLSR's, but 13 is paid off nicely). Pooja will not have a fan page here, unless she creates it. Reporters are reporters here, period. I don't expect anything special from her here. KTRK is a breaking news, hard news station, period. She won't be doing many light features. I don't expect anything special from her, as she is still light years away from the type of experience the other reporters at KTRK have. She's a journalistic lightweight compared to almost everyone there.

  8. I watched her story today and was actually impressed. She's got personality, which goes along way. Too many reporters here are dry and boring.

  9. I think she is kinda cute..

  10. I agree, she brings flair to reporting. Totally agree with her being cute.

  11. I enjoy her reporting whenever she is on. Not to mention I have a bit of a crush on her too. She is beautiful.

  12. So glad I found this. I've become a big fan. I wish she did more of the type of stories that are in this article.

  13. Just out of curiosity, I wonder how old she is. Based on her bio in the article I would guess she is about 30 give or take a year. Assuming graduating college at 22/23 then a couple years at each of the three jobs before joining KTRK. I also can't tell how tall she is. I would guess between 5' and 5'-2"? Just wondering, anyone happen to know?

  14. She's dreadful. That piece she did on the opening of the TSU stadium (really, the Dynamo's stadium) where she waved a pom-pom was the worst things I've seen on TV.

  15. After her 2000 graduation, Pooja started her news career.


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