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Thursday, March 01, 2012

KPRC #1 at 10pm

KPRC 2 number 1 at 10pm for 2nd month

Since I don't work at a TV station anymore, it is hard for me to see the television news ratings. However, we get an idea of what's going on through an anchor's Facebook account when it comes to February 2012 sweeps.

As I said on the Stephen Dean vs Michael Berry post, I wondered how ratings for KPRC 2 and 740 KTRH were going. I assumed the ongoing station battle would have boosted ratings for each.

Tonight, KPRC 2 anchor Dominique Sachse lets us know the answer with the following Facebook posting:

KPRC Local 2 Dominique Sachse
Thank you for making KPRC Local 2 news at 10 the number 1 newscast in February! We couldn't have done it without you...

Wow. Anyone who follows Houston TV will know this is a big developing story because KTRK 13 is pretty much always the market leader across the board.

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KTRK took to its Facebook page and said:

Thanks for making Eyewitness News #1 in Houston
Thanks to our loyal viewers for making 13-Eyewitness News the most-watched news broadcasts in Houston! In the just completed February Sweeps period, we are #1 in the Morning, #1 at 4:00pm, #1 at 5:00pm, #1 at 6:00pm and #1 at 10:00pm (M-F). Eyewitness News had the most viewers in both Households and in the important demographic Adults 25-54. From all of your friends at 13-Eyewitness News… Thank You!

Now I am no TV account executive, but I have to figure that since KTRK put Monday through Friday in brackets next to 10pm, that KPRC must be number 1 across the entire 7 days of the week.

I also just realized I created both of the Facebook pages mentioned above. Cool.

KPRC 2 number 1 at 10pm for 2nd month

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  1. Maybe Newsfix is number 1 at 10 too.

  2. Funny how 13 fixes the dayparts / time periods to give the impression they are number 1. The mothership is going down....

    Congrats KPRC.

  3. Flash and trash tv only lasts so long before people figure it out...enjoy your time at the top KPRC.

  4. How in the world is this possible with NBC prime in the toilet? People are now flipping over to KPRC from 11 and 13? Wow.

  5. Not a surprise considering how fast KHOU is dropping. Note to the GM at 11, you are ruining our station. These numbers prove it.

  6. Leave it to Sachse to spread lies and misinformation. I watch Ch 2 at 10 once in a while, but only to laugh at Dom's horrible wardrobe, arrogant demeanor and fake everything. I also enjoy seeing how sweaty Nef is and ho many times Bauer can blink in one report. Besides that, it sucks.

  7. KPRC and KHOU are doing well among young men, I can tell you that.
    KRIV does well among rich people.

  8. TV station marketing execs, have always been spinners and always will be. As someone posted earlier, they certainly will never issue press releases saying their ratings are down or anything negative. Just the nature of their work.

    As for me, I watch a little of all of them; however, my weekday viewing is:
    Morning - NONE
    Noon - KHOU 11
    4 & 5PM - KTRK 13
    5:30PM - KPRC 2 (NBC Nightly News)
    6PM - KPRC 2
    10PM - KTRK 13

    Morning - NONE
    6PM / 5PM - KPRC 2
    5:30 - KPRC 2 (NBC Weekend Nightly News)
    10PM - KHOU 11

    With all the above noted, I watch the 10PM news more than any of the others; thus being mostly exposed to KTRK 13. And finally, I never, EVER watch FOX. Ever!

    Now, my demo breakout is:
    Male 18+;
    Adult 25-54
    Adult 18-49


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